Restaurant Loyalty Program & Marketing Features

Customer Loyalty Program

Rezku gives you a powerful platform to promote your restaurant, capture and hold attention and massively increase sales. Included free with Rezku POS.

Customer Loyalty Program
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Increase Customer Loyalty With Rewards Perks

81% of your customers are looking for restaurants with a rewards program. Incentivize repeat dining and higher spend with a customized rewards program.

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  • blue checkmark Customers earn points for select purchases or by dollars spent
  • blue checkmark Earn points online and on-site, spend points at any of your locations
  • blue checkmark Track redeemed points and discover promotional opportunities

Drive Higher Per-Order Averages With Gift Cards

Customers who use gift cards spend an average 22% more on their order. Rezku’s gift card system works cross-platform and cross-site. Physical and digital gift cards available.

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Digital eGift cards

Buy and reload digital gift cards online. Spend digital gift cards online or in person. Customers can purchase digital gift cards, emailed to friends and family.

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Physical gift cards

High-quality, scratch-resistant, reusable gift cards with high-resolution, full color graphics for a premium gift card experience. Use online or at any of your restaurant locations.

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Craft Coupon Promotions That Drive Sales

Get easy to configure, fraud-proof couponing that grows your sales while protecting your business.

  • blue checkmark Use bounce-back coupons for more repeat customers
  • blue checkmark Create online coupon codes and track coupon use
  • blue checkmark Choose from multiple coupon templates for easy setup
  • blue checkmark Create bundles, family-pack deals and combos
  • blue checkmark Set coupon limits to fight "extreme couponing"

Capture And Own Your Customer’s Data

You own your customer’s personal data including sales history, contact information, special dates and allergy concerns.

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  • blue checkmark Identify your top customers based on total spend
  • blue checkmark Discover their favorite products for personalized offers
  • blue checkmark Issue VIP cards to help tie customers to their profile
  • blue checkmark Use MailChimp integration to email your customers

Stay Top Of Mind With Your Own Ordering App*

Customers with your restaurant app installed are five times more likely to order from your restaurant. Rezku makes it easy and affordable for any restaurant to get their own ordering app.

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  • blue checkmark Boost repeat sales with your app on their smartphone
  • blue checkmark Personalized dashboard gives your customers access to points, rewards and offers
  • blue checkmark Increase order averages with personalized online upselling
  • blue checkmark Get your app developed in as little as 30 days!

*Custom App only available with select plan

You're just one step away from our in-depth demo video of Rezku POS.

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