Bar POS System For Mastering High Volume Service

Point of Sale for Bars

Bar POS System For Mastering High Volume Service

The result of over 7 years of careful development with experienced bar owners – the easiest, most feature-complete point of sale for bars imaginable. Ring orders faster. Minimize management headaches. Prevent loss and drive profits. Equip your team for laser focused bar service. Rezku is a powerful bar POS system tailor-made for the real-world needs of bar operators.

Bar POS System For Mastering High Volume Service
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Micah Lovitz

"Turnover is crazy in a bar. With Rezku, its so simple I dont have to train new employees myself.

Training my bartenders takes 2 minutes. It’s wonderful."

Micah Lovitz
Bucky’s Hangout

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What Do Bartenders Love About Rezku’s POS for Bars?

In mere minutes bartenders will be rocketing through order entry, adding food and drinks, opening and closing tabs. And for advanced users, it does what it needs to and gets out of the way. Rezku’s point of sale for bars is optimized for speed and ease of use which is appreciated by everyone, including guests.

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Green Bartenders Learn In Minutes

Rezku is hands down the fastest and most intuitive bar POS for your staff to learn. With built in training videos and 24/7 support if they need help.

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No More Lost Credit Cards

Open a tab and hand back the customer’s card. Forget the “card cup” and searching for credit cards. You can close open tabs even if the guest has left.

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Search and Find Any Tab

Sort tabs by name or table, view by oldest/newest or just use the search bar. See up to 25 open tabs on screen at once.

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Zoom In for Drink Recipes

Pinch to zoom and get a detailed recipe with ingredients, amount and more. Green bartenders get mix-master expertise on day one.

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Increase Tips by 30%

Add customer pay-screens on the bar to speed up payment, increase tips and save hours of manual entry at the end of the night.

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Unlimited Happy Hours

Unlimited, daily specials run automatically, without requiring bartenders to memorize complex rules or manually apply discounts.

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Fastest Reordering of Any POS

How fast does your POS reorder? With Rezku, just swipe right on any drink on the tab to duplicate it instantly.

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Move Drinks Between Tabs

Who’s got the next round? Easily transfer drinks between separate tabs even if they’ve already been ordered.

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Leverage the Speedbar Menu

Rezku’s refined cocktail-flow allows you to quickly customize liquor type from your top products. Get more upsell opportunities without slowing down.

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Provide Top-Shelf Service To Every Guest

Rezku’s bar POS system gives servers in pubs, lounges and nightclubs high-class table service that drives revenue and makes your guests truly feel like a VIP.

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Rock Ultra-Efficient Bottle Service

Mobile POS speeds up every step in bottle service. From the moment they’re seated through the closeout process, focus greater attention on your guests.

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More Efficient Order Management

Use the on-screen floor plan to stay organized. View status by table color and quickly reopen any order by tapping it’s table.

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Improve Team Communication

All orders are sent wirelessly from servers to the bar for instantaneous guest service. No more walking to stations and breaking rapport with your VIPs.

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Bartenders Gain Super-Speed

Grabbing and reading paper tickets is slow. SmartKDS provides a clear view as orders come in so bartenders never have to break their flow.

Kevin Hokenson

"Rezku POS helped improve every aspect of our restaurant and bar, from ticket times to customer service. Going from an outdated system that took days to program to Rezku POS, I can now make changes on the fly and have every terminal update. Before we switched to Rezku I looked at 8 different systems.

When I came across Rezku POS I found everything I was looking for."

Kevin Hokenson
General Manager, Jasper Ridge Brewery

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The Bar POS System That Gives You X-Ray Vision Into Operations

Business decisions are only as good as the data you can access. Rezku gives you a full 360° view of all your bar POS system data from anywhere – so every decision you make is the best it can be.

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Get it All – Everywhere

Rezku’s dedicated manager’s app gives you full Back Office control, streamlined and formatted for your smartphone.

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Key Performance at Your Fingertips

View live sales, labor, profit and more from the infographic dashboard. Always available on your phone – if you’re at the grocery store or the beach.

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Bespoke Tailored Reporting

Get eyes on everything, from the big picture to the smallest details. Auto-email custom reports to unlimited bookkeepers and partners.

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Unlimited Raw Data Exports

All your business reporting data is stored securely in the cloud – ready for you at any moment. With no sunset period. Years of sales, inventory and employee records are all yours.

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Low-Stock Notifications

Maintain stock and reduce theft with live alerts that alert you on your phone when levels run low. Always be the first to know, so you can act fast.

Bulletproof POS for Bars

Bars that use Rezku experience more up-time and fewer headaches. Rezku is battle proven and built tough – With integrated fail-safes to keep your brewery operating even in extreme conditions.

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Rugged Bar POS System

Featuring industry-leading metal tablet stands, name-brand POS printers, Mobile POS cases with integrated backup batteries and reliable Rezku POS software.

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Top-Level Security

Secure user permissions control with 2-FA and event logging. Highest level PCI-DSS SAQ with encrypted fast-chip EMV and NFC payment.

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3-Day Offline Payments

Built-in failover protection with encrypted payment data storage for up to 72 hours, allowing you to continue taking credit card payments even when the internet goes down.

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Unlimited Customer Care

Rezku’s US-based, in-house support team is always ready for anything – any time. With 24/7-365 live agents and the highest rated customer service level of any POS company.

You're just one step away from our in-depth demo video of Rezku POS.

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