Restaurant Inventory Management and Sales Reports

In-Depth Restaurant Reporting Customized To Your Needs

Restaurant Inventory Management and Sales Reports

Rezku’s advanced inventory tracking and reporting system gives you the full picture of your restaurant, so you’re always the first to know. Make better decisions with business-critical data customized for your needs.

Restaurant Inventory Management and Sales Reports
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Cut Food Costs 28% With Ingredient-Level Inventory Tracking

Rezku’s restaurant inventory management tracks down to the ingredient, so you can easily find excess food costs from waste, over portioning and theft to correct course.

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    Daily inventory tracking emails to help assess food costs

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    Instant alerts to your phone when ingredients drop below par

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    Quickly match physical inventory to expected values to discover theft

Intuitive 86ing For Greater Menu Accuracy

Ensure your guests can only place orders for what’s available with Rezku’s advanced restaurant inventory system with product-level inventory 86ing. It’s easy, transparent, and immediate.

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  • blue checkmark Auto-86 removes out of stock products automatically
  • blue checkmark Update inventory or 86 on the fly from the POS
  • blue checkmark 86 dishes from the kitchen using Smart Kitchen Displays
  • blue checkmark 86ing syncs across the POS and online ensuring menu availability

Is Rezku the POS system you’ve been searching for?

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Custom Sales Reporting You Only Dreamed Of

Every restaurateur wants something different in their sales reporting. Your business’s strengths and weaknesses are as unique as you are. Rezku gives you x-ray vision into your business with custom reporting and a 360 degree analysis of your business.


Quick-Analysis Dashboard

You’re in the driver’s seat. With the most critical KPIs at your fingertips, in easy to read infographic format for instant answers.


Deep-Dive Into your Data

Reporting according to your unique business fingerprint. Customize your own reports using over 600 data points. Find exactly what you want.


Capture All Your Raw Data

Unlimited business data, captured automatically and backed up in the cloud – ready when you need it and never deleted.


Keep Everyone In The Loop

You and the entire team – from managers to accountants to investors, all abreast of current performance with auto-reporting sent daily.

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The Freedom To Go Anywhere

Rezku’s dedicated manager’s app gives you all the power of back office, formatted perfectly for your smart device. Now available for both iOS and Android. Download the app to your phone or tablet and feel the freedom to take full control anywhere you go.

  • blue checkmark Full access to all custom reporting functionality
  • blue checkmark Adjust all system settings from your smartphone
  • blue checkmark Access reports for multiple locations in one app

Is Rezku the POS system you’ve been searching for?

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