About us

Rezku is the implementation of leading-edge research and development in restaurant management technology from Guest Innovations. Created by founder and veteran restaurateur Paul Katsch.

We put the power of affordable, easy to use management systems in the hands of food and beverage business owners. From large chains to mom-and-pops, we provide you with the tools to get the job done.

We aim high — Providing the best restaurant management software and hardware. We meet the demands of experienced restaurant and bar owners, all with the complete support and assistance that inexperienced business owners need.



Guest Innovations was founded by Paul Katsch and a dedicated team of tech visionaries bent on developing innovative systems for restaurants that actually work like they should. And to treat every restaurant owner like partners, with the respect and dignity that they deserve.


In 2014 Rezku launched Rezku Prime. A premium reservation and table management system designed to take the leading competition head on. Rezku Prime was then joined by an iPad version called “Tablet”, now called Rezku Reservations, and Waitku, (a waitlist-only app), now called Rezku Waitlist.

After 5 years of diligent systems engineering, intense coding and visionary user interface design, Rezku POS was born. The premier hospitality point of sale that directly confronts established legacy players and other tablet POS providers by simply doing it right.


We are proudly 100% US based. All research, programming, management, support — you name it! We’ve received the highest rating available for being a fully US-based technology company.

Our riverside campus is located in Sacramento, California. Sacramento best known as the farm-to-fork capital of the world and perfectly located “next door” to Silicon Valley. Centered between the coastal beach of California and the winter play-land of the Sierra mountains (Lake Tahoe).

The address is:
2520 Venture Oaks Way, Suite 310, Sacramento, CA 95833

Stop by some time and say “hi”!


Sometimes we’re asked how to say “Rezku”. Is it Rez-koo? No.

Pronounce it just like “Rescue”.

Because that’s what we do.

From the day we first meet. And ever-after. When your restaurant needs help.

You get Rezku.

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