About The Rezku Team

We’re a passionate team of California tech pioneers with deep roots in the food and beverage service industry. Our unending pursuit is to make the lives of America’s hardest working entrepreneurs better through innovation and technology.

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The Rezku Story

Rezku provides leading edge business and operational management software for the hospitality industry, leveraging the work of restaurant partners, owners and managers to achieve their fullest potential.

Who We Are

Rezku is an experienced leader in the hospitality industry. We are innovating with partners in software, hardware and payments to push forward, bringing technology advancements to work for restaurants and bars.

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The Rezku Difference

Founded in 2012 by restaurateur Paul Katsch, with a mission to bring the best emerging advancements in mobile touchscreens, app-based development and secure payment technology to America’s F&B businesses.

Where We Are

All business operations including management, system development and customer support are done centrally, from our HQ in beautiful Sacramento, California. This allows us to have a high level of coordination between all departments to ensure the very best experiences for our customers.

Why We Do It

Our core principle has always been to deliver an amazing solution that is easy to operate. We enable our customers to work smarter, grow revenue centers and reap the rewards of their business.

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