Mobile Point of Sale System

Speed up service with mobile point of sale

Mobile Point of Sale System

Impress your guests with a sense of immediacy, get orders to the kitchen faster and finely tune service logistics. Rezku gives you more ways to take orders wherever your customers are.

Mobile Point of Sale System
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"It's one of those things where you didn't know this technology existed until you got it —

and it's really changed our world."

Sean Doherty

Manager, South Fork Grille

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Speed Up Service and Increase Profits

It can't be overstated how much of a difference Rezku's mobile POS makes for the profitability of full service restaurants.

  • blue checkmark Reduce front of house labor as much as 29%
  • blue checkmark Increase your servers' tips by as much as 11%
  • blue checkmark Guests order dessert 4X as often
  • blue checkmark Guests order an average of +2 more drinks
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"We're paying $15 an hour for every front of house staff. With Rezku they may run one table bigger in their section,

so that's actually saving us money."

Mark Platt

Owner, Sienna

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Game-Changing Table Service

Rezku's handheld is a full POS terminal with a larger screen, yet still fits in your server's pocket. Put the customer experience first and give boundless control over service to your servers.

Competitors' Mobile POS

  • red x Cramped 4 inch display
  • red x Fragmented interface creates errors
  • red x No table management
  • red x Tricky to split tickets
competitors mobile pos hardware example

Rezku's Mobile POS

  • green checkmark Fits a standard apron pocket
  • green checkmark Roomy 8.3 inch screen
  • green checkmark Fully functional Rezku POS
  • green checkmark Map based table management
  • green checkmark Rapidly custom split orders
Rezku's Mobile POS
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Manage Orders By Table

Get a bird’s eye view of your section for quick switching between table orders. Servers using Rezku can serve more tables, reducing your front of house labor costs by an average of 36%.

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Serve Tables Faster

Send the drinks while greeting your customers. Send the apps while they decide on an entree. Food starts appearing at their table almost like magic, giving guests more time to dine while turning more tables per service.

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Help your Guests Make Decisions

Rezku’s large-screen tablets feature enhanced product information that can be shown to guests. Turn your servers into product experts, addressing dietary needs and allergies effortlessly.

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Lightning Fast at Checkout

Guests review their check and pay at the table, so your servers stay in their sections. Don’t fear when guests split checks. With Rezku’s rapid check splitting by seat, item or amount, your staff will love how easy it is to check out large parties.

iPad Mini

Apple's mobile computing technology in a rugged 8-inch tablet

(iPad Mini not included)


Sleek lightweight case constructed of oleophobic high-impact polycarbonate

Rezku's Mobile POS

Integrated Battery

Built-in lithium-ion battery for extra juice to last all day

Integrated Card Reader

Integrated EMV-secure card reader with fast-chip technology for tap, chip and swipe payments

You're just one step away from our in-depth demo video of Rezku POS.

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