Rezku point of sale systems

Rezku POS is restaurant management software for every type of food service concept, large or small

Rezku POS for Full-service restaurants

Full-service Restaurants

If you provide full tableside service in your restaurant, then you're probably very interested in tableside ordering and payment as well. Ring in orders once, when taking the customer's order, print tickets to the kitchen wirelessly and provide the option of paperless checkout.


Rezku POS for Bars

Bars and Pubs

Busy bars need to track inventory, manage labor and have security measures in place. Rezku POS has you covered in these areas and a whole lot more. Rezku also helps you manage front-of-house and back-of-house with the best bar POS in the market.


Rezku POS for Breweries and taprooms

Breweries and taprooms

As a brewer who's opened a taproom, you need a few key things in a POS: an easy to use register with bar menus and retail features. You also need built-in labor management to keep things profitable. Organize your extensive beer menu and make it easy to change beers based on season and availability.


Rezku POS for Nightclubs and music venues

Nightclubs and music venues

Nightclub owners know what it takes. Make sure your VIPs are treated specially, secure your cash with custom user-permissions, control your bartenders' pours with inventory audits. Rezku POS provides you with tools to keep control of your business, even on wild nights.


Rezku POS for food trucks

Food Trucks and Mobile Food Vending

If you're left with a cheap phone-swipe, high payment fees and no help with taxes, labor, and inventory, then let us show you another way. Rezku Point of Sale gives you all the power to run your food truck like a restaurant. With no more signal-chasing, Rezku for food trucks has a seamless offline mode to keep you in business.


Rezku POS for Wineries and tasting rooms

Wineries and tasting rooms

It's all about superior guest service and attention in a tasting room. Rezku Point of Sale helps you spend more time tending to your clients' needs. Wireless and clutter free, you can easily hide printers and accessories and use your iPad "naked." Rezku helps you keep things simple, classy and make it all about your customers and the wine.


Rezku POS for Quick service and fast casual

Quick service and fast casual

Keep food moving quickly through the kitchen and out of the drive-through or into the dining room. With Rezku POS new employee training time is reduced to minutes with picture-based, color-coded menu tiles — just point and order. Forced modifiers keep counter staff on track asking the right questions and adapting to substitutions.


Rezku POS for Bakeries and cake shops

Bakeries and cake shops

Rezku POS features inventory controls and many ways to view sales over time, by product, by the hour, and more so you can provide your customers with fresh goods every day. More than a bakery point of sale, Rezku helps you manage many aspects of your bakery business.


Rezku POS for Ice Cream Parlors

Ice Cream Parlors and Yogurt Shops

A tasty treat for families and groups can be enjoyed all year. Rezku POS helps you run promotions and customer retention initiatives as well as manage labor costs and keep paperwork simple. Integrated scale support lets you sell yogurt by weight.


Rezku POS for Donut shops and small cafes

Donut shops and small cafes

Knowing which donuts, and how much to make each morning is super-important. Inventory and detailed sales reports that show sales by product help you determine how many donuts to make every morning.


Rezku POS for Coffee Shops

Cafes and Coffee Shops

Slinging custom coffee orders during the morning rush should be easy. With Rezku POS menu design is more than just a big grid of buttons, we work with you to develop a flow for taking orders using menu-structuring and forced and unforced modifiers. Together we make ordering fast and fool-proof.


Rezku POS for Delis and sandwich shops

Delis and sandwich shops

Sandwich shops need an easy way to manage labor to make sure they're not overstaffed. Rezku POS has built-in sales and labor management and dashboards to help you make decisions on the fly. With food scale integration you can sell meat and cheeses by weight.


Rezku POS for Cafeterias


Speed up that line! With easy to read full-color menus with images, there's no stopping your counter-person. Rotate specials easily with simple activate and deactivate buttons. Set pricing changes that run automatically according to time and day. Track sales by product and by category easily using smart reports.


Rezku POS for Pizza parlors

Pizza parlors

More and more pizzeria owners are switching to Rezku POS. Ordering pizzas couldn't be easier, no matter the topping combinations, forced and unforced modifiers get you there with just a few taps. Delivery features let you save customer information, set up a loyalty program and print out delivery tickets for drivers.


Rezku POS for Diners


Fast service is the name of the game. And Rezku POS is the fastest. Keep food moving out of the kitchen. Shoot tickets from booths to the grill in no time flat. Minimize walking back and forth and the chatter that comes from hand-written orders. Speed guests through checkout like never before.


Rezku POS for Buffets


Move that line quickly and efficiently with the easiest to use POS out there. Enhance your standard buffet service with tableside ordering for drinks and made to order items. Never lose track of a guest's ticket by using the built in detailed floor plans for server table management.


Rezku POS for Italian Restaurants

Italian Restaurants

Tableside ordering with iPad POS helps Italian restaurants maximize their dining area and keeps servers in their section serving more guests with less staff. Print orders to unlimited stations in the kitchen or to the bar. Apply custom gratuity amounts to large parties and print tip suggestions on customer receipts.


Rezku POS for Steakhouse Restaurants

Steakhouse Restaurants

Bustling steakhouses are serving more guests and providing better service by using Rezku's innovative restaurant management system. You can have all the full-service restaurant and bar features you'd expect at an incredibly affordable price. Manage a smooth service for large parties with unlimited splits, automatic gratuity, order by seat number and much more!


Rezku POS for Sushi Restaurants

Sushi Restaurants

The most affordable restaurant POS for sushi restaurants is great for counter service or tableside ordering. With complete support for bars you can open a tab for your guests and keep the rolls coming! Split ticket by item, by seat or by payment type to ensure an orderly and smooth checkout process.


Rezku POS for Mexican Restaurants

Mexican Restaurants

Counter service or table service — Rezku has got you covered with the fastest, most intuitive touchscreen interface with detailed floor plans. Save time managing labor and bookkeeping with remote access to back office. Full bar functionality helps you increase alcohol sales efficiently.


Rezku POS for Chinese Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants

Rezku POS supports Chinese characters and high-resolution images in the menu to make it easy to read for everyone using the system. Make accounting easy — taxes are broken down by type and amount and sales reports are very detailed. Surprisingly affordable hardware with the latest iPad technology will modernize your Chinese restaurant's service.


Rezku POS for BBQ Restaurants

BBQ Restaurants

Keep track of BBQ sales by product and weight with integrated inventory management tools. Move guests efficiently through the dining room with less staff using wireless tableside ordering. Utilize the latest in affordable restaurant management technology with iPad POS and stay ahead of the competition!


Rezku POS for Thai Restaurants

Thai Restaurants

Busy Thai restaurants need a point of sale they can depend on. Rezku POS has the best offline mode that even lets you take payments without an internet connection! Unlimited color-coded menus with support for non-English characters means anyone can easily take orders with little training.


Rezku POS for Indian Restaurants

Indian Restaurants

Keep your books in order easily with smart reports. Use your preferred bookkeeping software and existing spreadsheets with complete data exports. Full-service restaurant features, unlimited menu items and an incredibly easy to use interface makes Rezku POS the best for your Indian restaurant.


Rezku POS for Japanese Restaurants

Japanese Restaurants

Affordable and feature-rich Rezku does it all, from table management to labor and timecards to detailed reporting. Modernize your Japanese restaurant operations with a point of sale designed for fast-paced full-service restaurants. Use customer outreach and retention tools.


Rezku POS for Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine Dining Restaurants

We have everything you'd expect in a point of sale for busy full-service restaurants with a bar. Split and merge checks, start bar tabs and provide an unmatched level of service to your guests through wireless iPad table service. Create your own loyalty program and store important personalized data for each guest with CRM.


Rezku POS for Bistros


You can do it all with wireless tableside order-and-pay, right from your server's iPad. Keeping servers in their section means serving more guests with less staff — that really helps your bottom line! Split and merge checks super fast. Automatically apply gratuity to large parties and much more!


Rezku POS for Hospitality


Rezku POS is what the hospitality industry has been wishing for. Built in coordination with experienced restaurant and bar owners, you'll find all the features you'd expect in a premier food and beverage service POS. For all concepts in hospitality, Rezku POS is the best choice for your business.


Rezku POS for iPads

iPad POS

iPad features unprecedented mobility and security. iPad reliability and ease of use is well established in commercial industries. And Apple’s continued support is clear. The future of computing is iPad. It is the most secure tablet for point of sale on the market. Helping you achieve greater PCI compliance, payment and data security.


Rezku POS for Ghost Kitchens

Ghost Kitchen POS

Ghost kitchens are restaurants without dining rooms. With the rise of online ordering and delivery, they are predicted to take at least 30% of traditional restaurant volume in the coming years. Rezku POS is designed for your success with takeout and delivery service.


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