Cafeteria POS


When you choose Rezku POS we work with you one-on-one to design an ordering workflow that makes sense and reduces staff training time.

Cafeteria POS System
Cafeteria POS System

The Rezku Cafeteria POS System

  • Budget friendly
  • Get started immediately
  • Limited Special Pricing and Financing Available
Cafeteria stationary system

Fastest POS system for Cafeterias

Clean and simple with everything you need

Cafeterias don’t need a lot of fuss on the front end. Cashiers just need to ring in guests quickly. But sophisticated reporting and accountability on the back end is a must. Ingredient level inventory with cost reporting, wastage and profitability keep margins healthy. Get the best cafeteria reporting and train cashiers in minutes.

  • Picture-based rotating menus
  • Automatic timed pricing changes
  • Live inventory updates for managers
  • Mobile management and KPI access
Easy Menu Rotation Firework 1 Firework 2

Easy Daily Menu Rotation

Cafeterias rotate pre-planned menus through the week. You need a way to easily plan your meals in advance for breakfast lunch and dinner. With Rezku POS you can add items to your menu and choose when they’re available.

  • Organize menus and products by day or active status
  • Cloud-based remote menu editing updates in real time
  • Inventory updates from the POS and auto 86-ing
  • Archive and restore products and menus at any time
Customize Your Reports Firework 3 Firework 4

Customize Your Cafeteria Reports

Smart bookkeeping to keep you informed. Cafeterias need reporting that helps you keep track of costs and minimize losses. Don’t let bookkeeping keep you up at night. Check in any time and get a live pictures of sales, labor and inventory.

  • Top products, top customers, top cashier reports
  • Infographic KPI dashboard to get immediate answers
  • Automatic daily manager email reports with sales summary
  • Refunds, discounts and voids reporting for accountability
Control Your Costs Firework 5 Firework 6

Control Your Costs

Stay within your operating budget. Rezku includes many tools to support your business and help you clamp down on runaway costs. Increase your competitive edge with the tracking and accountability you need.

  • Track stock usage in real time from your smartphone
  • Update inventory levels and 86 items right from the POS
  • Automatic low inventory alert emails warn you when it’s time to order
  • Inventory audit reports help you find theft and over-portioning

The clear choice that checks all the boxes.

With Rezku POS you get it all.

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