Buffet Point of Sale

Modern cloud-based POS

Your buffet POS system needs to be simple yet capable. And most of all, help you to move that line fast!

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Buffet Point of Sale

Get the line moving faster

Buffet POS needs to be fast and efficient to move your line along. Cashiers need to be able to find every button they need quickly. Secure quick-chip payments protect your bottom line without slowing you down.

  • Archive and unarchive menu items from your phone
  • Quick-chip EMV is 50% faster and protects you from chargebacks
  • Custom menu layouts ensure cashiers can find everything
  • Customer facing display shows total before the customer pays

The Rezku Buffet POS System

  • Budget friendly
  • Get started immediately
  • Limited Special Pricing and Financing Available
Buffet Point of Sale

Custom Buffet Restaurant Reports

Buffets need reporting that will help you minimize loss and control costs. Bookkeeping shouldn’t be a painful ordeal. Check your KPIs for sales, labor and inventory any time from your smartphone or laptop.

  • Refund, discount and void reports for accountability
  • KPI dashboard for immediate metrics on the POS
  • Manager email reports sent daily with additional reports
  • Sales insights for top sellers, top servers and top customers
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Control Operations Costs

We include incredible tools to help your buffet take a microscope to inefficiencies and runaway costs. Grow your business and stay competitive with accountability and waste tracking.

  • Automatic low inventory level warning emails
  • Detailed stock reports with variance and waste
  • Manager mobile report access for real time analysis
  • Suspicious activity reports to track voids and discounts

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