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Take Control of Bakery Inventory

  • Price items based on cost to keep good margins
  • Stock levels adjust automatically when products are sold
  • Monitor ingredient levels and take delivery before you run out
  • Auto-86’d removes sold out products on the fly without having to stop

With detailed Smart Reports know what's selling and what’s not so less food ends up in the trash. Ingredient-level product costing brings full-service restaurant menu engineering practices to your cake shop. Now you can confidently maintain margins to keep your bakery successful.

Bakery POS iPad Bakery POS mobile management Bakery POS backoffice management
  • Speedy ordering with an intuitive layout — you’ll have it down in minutes!
  • Take all modern payment types including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Includes gift cards and a CRM so you can create a bakery to remember and up your direct marketing efforts
  • Reduce labor costs by watching your labor dashboard and adjusting staffing to match closely with sales volume
  • View timecards to monitor employee punches — edit and correct timecards right from your phone
  • Check inventory levels and re-order before it’s too late — never get caught short!
  • Unlimited modifiers mean ringing in bakery orders accurately, no matter how complex
  • Download exports for bookkeeping software so your books will always be in order
  • Auto-adjusting promotions run in the background, so prices change on the fly according to pre-set days and times

Learn what Rezku POS can do for your bakery

Monitor and Manage Bakery Labor Expenses

Rezku POS features built-in labor management and time clocks so you don’t have to pay for another piece of software to run your shop. Employees clock in and out on the POS screen, keeping things easy and all in one place.

Track employee cost via easy to read dashboard with labor to sales ratio

Integrates with ADP payroll system for automated payday bookkeeping

Detailed labor reports export to your preferred system including Quickbooks and Excel

Edit and correct timecards from anywhere with back office on your phone, tablet or computer

The Rezku Point of Sale System is designed to help make managing labor costs easy to understand and take the hassle out of payroll bookkeeping.

Bakery Bookkeeping Made Simple

More than just a cash register app, Rezku helps you manage bakery operations. Spend less time figuring out the numbers and take some of the stress out of taxes and accounting.

28 different reports can be generated in Rezku Back Office

Complete sales and transaction data can be exported to your preferred spreadsheets app

Unlimited restaurant data stored securely in the cloud with automated backups and encryption

When your bookkeeping is under control, you can focus more of your energy in other areas where you’re needed. Your accountant will love all the reporting options in Rezku POS!

Powerful POS for Cake Shops That’s Easy To Use

Rezku POS is designed to be the most intuitive bakery point of sale to use.

Operate the system with just 15 minutes of training

If you can use your iPhone you can use Rezku POS for bakeries

Intuitive custom interface implementing the latest UI design research

And you're always just a call, chat or email away from having all your questions answered by a real, live person with food service experience that cares and understands your needs.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Day or night you can reach a real person passionate about your business' success. Integrated chat on our apps, website and email, and our phone support gets you answers fast.

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