Bakery POS

Fresh ideas for profitability

Rezku POS helps you track supply levels and monitor sales to ensure profitability.

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Bakery POS

Insights you need to be competitive

Bakery profitability comes from a deep understanding of costs, product mix and your market. Rezku has more than 60 customizable reports, dashboards and tracking tools to help you understand your business.

  • KPI dashboard for live sales data
  • Ingredient level inventory tracking and auditing
  • Calculate costs from component ingredients
  • Top products and top customer reports

The Rezku Bakery POS System

  • Budget friendly
  • Get started immediately
  • Limited Special Pricing and Financing Available
Bakery POS

Monitor and Manage Bakery Labor Expenses

Rezku POS features built-in labor management and time clocks so you don’t have to pay for another piece of software to run your shop.

  • Track employee cost via easy to read dashboard with labor to sales ratio
  • Integrates with ADP payroll system for automated payday bookkeeping
  • Detailed labor reports export to your preferred system including Quickbooks and Excel
  • Edit and correct timecards from anywhere with back office on your phone, tablet or computer
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Bakery Bookkeeping Made Simple

More than just a cash register app, Rezku helps you manage bakery operations. Spend less time figuring out the numbers and take some of the stress out of taxes and accounting.

  • 28 different reports can be generated in Rezku Back Office
  • Complete sales and transaction data can be exported to your preferred spreadsheets app
  • Unlimited restaurant data stored securely in the cloud with automated backups and encryption

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