Delivery Management

Deliver Greatness to Every Guest

Get the tools you need to ensure top quality at every turn with Rezku’s complete delivery management system.

  • Driver instructions
  • Google maps integration
  • Delivery zones with fees
  • Caller ID integration
Restaurant Delivery Management

Command and control for delivery

Master every aspect of delivery from planning to execution. Map orders by location and dispatch drivers. Delivery fees apply automatically based on your customer’s proximity.

Command and control for delivery

Achieve complete delivery order domination

Optimize your delivery process to the highest degree possible with a clear view of every step from start to finish. Increase kitchen production to the max and curtail mistakes immediately.

Achieve complete delivery order domination

Pick Up and go

Orders start the instant you pick up the phone. Customer data is auto-filled so your staff are ready for a new order. Integrated Caller ID supports multiple lines so busy nights don’t have to be hectic.

3rd party delivery integration

Unite all your delivery channels into one system with complete control. Eliminate the need for separate tablets and printers. 3rd party deliveries are managed expertly within Rezku POS.

3rd party delivery integration

Online delivery included

Online delivery is a 200 billion-dollar market. Have you staked your claim? Rezku’s online ordering system is fully integrated with delivery, pick up and curbside service. All without 3rd party fees.

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