Rezku Companion Products For Restaurants

Rezku is doing more than just point of sale. We offer a complete suite of services and apps for restaurants. We aim to provide easy to use, affordable technology to independent and small chain restaurant owners. We do that in a variety of ways. You've probably seen our other awesome iPad apps in the Apple App Store, but there's much more than that!

  • Rezku PRIME

    This is complete restaurant dining room table management to achieve smooth front of house operations and increase business. With Rezku PRIME you take the guesswork out of seating guests. Rezku PRIME runs on a large, 20-inch touch screen multifunction tablet at the host stand, giving your staff an easy to use, clear view of what's going on in the dining room and of finding the right open table. Let's face it; a busy service can be stressful and fast-paced. Using the intelligent table management algorithms built into the Rezku PRIME system you can take the pressure off the hosts deciding where to seat parties and focus more on providing personalized guest service, moving more people through the dining room during each service. Unlike other reservations systems, Rezku PRIME never charges you a per-cover or per-party fee. Seat as many call-in or online reservations as you can! Use the Rezku PRIME Companion app for iPad to go mobile.

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  • Rezku Payments

    Our commitment to providing superior services for restaurant business owners includes payment processing and merchant services. Too many restaurants are frankly getting ripped off when it comes to merchant processing services, and we're here to change that. We've programmed our own gateway, which gives us the flexibility to do things differently. We'll reduce your fees, provide better service and help you reduce your liabilities. Our payment system hardware uses the latest technology and is compliant with the credit card industry standards, PCI and EMV. Rezku Payments provides world-class merchant processing at reasonable rates that appeal to small business owners.

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  • Rezku Reservations

    Reservations and table management in the palm of your hand — and online. Rezku Reservations is a slimmed-down version of the powerful Rezku PRIME system, giving you all the essential features you need to optimize service, fill your open tables, get more guests fed quickly and achieve the multiple seatings per service that you want. Rezku Reservations uses the same intelligent algorithm as Rezku PRIME to find the best tables to seat your guests so you can serve more diners and make more money. Never pay per-cover or per-party charges for reservations. Install Rezku Reservations on as many iPads as you want to. Download Rezku Reservations from the Apple App Store, here.

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  • Rezku Waitlist

    Simple yet feature-rich, Rezku Waitlist is restaurant waitlists made easy. Add your walk-in guests' names to the waitlist and Rezku Waitlist can auto-assign them to the best open table to optimize seating. Rezku Waitlist helps you reduce wait times and retain more guests. The built-in SMS feature lets you text your guests' cell phones for free when their table is ready. The interface is easy to use, just tap and drag. Assign servers to tables or sections of the restaurant you want them to serve. Never pay per-cover or per-party fees. Install Rezku Waitlist on as many iPads as you want. Download Rezku Waitlist for iPad here.

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    If you're looking for the best restaurants, either at home or when traveling, is your best source for unique and tasty local eats. has advanced search functions especially appealing to those with special comfort needs or dietary restrictions. Search by location, cuisine, cost, atmosphere and more. Place your restaurant on for free to improve your online search ranking. Allow guests to make reservations at your restaurant online or through the Rezku Diner's app for Android and iPhone.

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