Ordering and Tableside Service Features

Tableside Ordering

Let us show you how to run your restaurant more efficiently with tableside service. It couldn’t be easier!

Tableside ordering with Restaurant iPad POS
  • Order Once

    With wireless iPad tablets you enter the order once, controlling communication to the kitchen and eliminating all the back-and-forth that eats up time.

  • Use Coursing

    Send food back as a course to help synchronize front of house with back of house.

  • Keep Servers in Their Sections

    Improve service and improve tips. Servers don’t have to leave their sections to communicate with the kitchen.

  • Order By Seats

    Make sure everyone gets the right food every time. And when it’s time to split the bill seats can automatically split to their own tickets!

  • FIRE!

    Use the fire button to tell the kitchen you’re ready for them to start the course.

Add tableside payments for even faster service

EMV is a technology standard developed to reduce credit card fraud. EMV includes "smart cards" and other types of secure payments.

Point of sale floorplan
  • Serve more tables without rushing guests
  • On-screen authorization eliminates the need for paper receipts
  • Email guests receipts to impress!
  • Mobile EMV lets you take all modern payment types while staying protected


Quickly add extra options to products and provide more detailed tickets to the kitchen.

Rezku POS product modal
  • Forced Modifiers

    No more incomplete orders confusing the cooks. Reduce the amount of food sent back. No more "I forgot to ask."

  • Unforced Modifiers

    Give your guests more choices and improve communication between the front and back of the house.

  • Modifier Options

    Another level of flexibility and control — modifiers for modifiers.

Floor Plans

Build an accurate representation of your restaurant with our help!

Rezku POS floor
  • Tableside Service — We'll show you just how easy it is to take orders with a handheld tablet. Improve customer experience and get more table seatings per service.

  • Table Management — Switch between tables on the map with a tap. No sweat when juggling multiple parties' tables.

Easy, Fast Ordering

Well organized and visual menus eliminate hunting. Reduce training time, reduce mistakes, speed up service and increase customer satisfaction.

Easy ordering with point of sale
  • High Resolution, Detailed Images

    Ordering by image can't be easier. With a pinch open a full-screen detailed image of the food to show your guest.

  • Recipes and Descriptions

    Take out all the guesswork. Document ingredient amounts for portion control. Give servers a complete description of the items in the menu. They can even use it as a script when presenting their guests with choices.

Advanced Ticket Management

Rezku POS helps you manage tickets no matter the situation; you're covered.

  • Split Tickets

    Split an order as you like. Split cash and credit, split by amount, by item or by seat. Share items between splits. Even split a split!

  • Automated Gratuity

    Use party size to trigger an automated gratuity percentage to be applied to large parties.

  • Merge Tickets

    Take two separate orders and combine them into one check. Easily combine a customer's bar tab with his table order.

  • Party Count

    Track the number of covers you serve through the day and the average sale per cover.

  • Seats

    Ordering by seat is automatic when using table service. But you can add seats to any order. Split checks by seat in one tap!

  • 5 Service Types

    Order by table, takeout, dine-in, delivery or bar. Detailed sales reports include sales broken down by service to help you understand your sales dynamic.

Rezku POS brings affordable high-tech to restaurant owners and makes it easy to use. For more ways that we can help you run your business more efficiently check out the Secure Payment Features in Rezku POS.

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