Top Smartphone and Tablet Apps for Restaurants

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Smooth restaurant operations require attention to certain key aspects of the business that need to be managed with efficiency.

The key management areas are:

restaurant employee management

Employee Management

This includes dividing shifts, keeping track of what each employee is doing, how they are performing and their general response time to customer needs. Thus, employee management mainly involves division of responsibilities and keeping track of the responsibilities.

restaurant operations management

Operations Management

Keeping track of supplies and having enough supplies on an everyday basis so that the promised services can be provided to predicted number of customers every day.

restaurant communications management

Communications Management

Keeping track of social media platforms, reviews of customers, accounting and finance and potential opportunities and sources of new business are also a huge part of contemporary restaurant business operations.

Why use Apps?

With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, they have quickly begun to displace traditional desktop computers and laptops because of their portability and affordability. Restaurant management can become a lot easier by using the latest advancements in information technology. The shift from paper to computer and now from computer to smartphones, iPads, and Android and tablets have created an easy way to be in touch with restaurant operations. To find out how you can benefit from certain apps and which apps help you run a smooth restaurant operation, please read below. These are the top smartphone and tablet apps for restaurant owners. Use these apps to ensure increase productivity and save time.

reasons to use restaurant apps

Employee Management

When you use paper scheduling you are not only wasting valuable environmental resources but you’re also going through an extensive and time consuming process by manually scheduling. Now, you can use apps to store shift availability information of all your employees, additional details such as the number of hours they have worked and number of hours they have requested to work.

If you’re looking to make scheduling easy, then you should try these apps. Look for one that will help you schedule employees and also send direct push notifications, messages and updated schedules to your employee’s smartphones. Now you can schedule your employees from anywhere and maintain an up to date shift calendar on your phone!

When I Work

While talking about scheduling, it is important for both employers/managers and employees to have an easy access to their schedule. To help your employees to have easy access to their schedule and give them the ability to see when they are supposed to come in, whenever they want to, you can use When I work. It is an employee schedule app that can be downloaded both on iOS and Android and you and your employees can both have access to it. It’s also Free!


This is a scheduling powerhouse designed for large busy restaurants. It’s part of RADAR which is an integrated platform for deep business intelligence. Expect to pay quite a bit for all the features included, but if it’s what you need you can save a lot of time.


Another highly rated free scheduling software. You can copy shifts, message team members, and field shift requests right inside the app. The app also shows you how much your schedule will cost you in labor. All your employees need to do is download the app and create an account. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS, so no one is left out.

Operations Management


When you’re responsible for managing supply and operations of a restaurant, then you’re probably responsible for purchasing different supplies from different suppliers. If you’re not using any integrated app for supply management, then you’re probably placing an order from each supplier individually which is a time-consuming process.

If you want to save time then you can use BlueCart, an app that will let you keep all your suppliers and details of your supplies in once place so that you can place an order in just one step.

The benefit of using an app such as BlueCart is that you can not only place orders with just one simple step, you can also keep track of all your suppliers and supplier details. So, when you need access to supplier information, all you will need to do is go to BlueCart and input the supplier name and have access to all the details you need in one simple step.

Moreover, the details of all your supplies will be in one place so whenever you need to know what you have ordered and what you need to order you can check your order history and details. So, for efficient supply management, all you need is BlueCart which will always be available to you on your phone and any other devices you use.

Rezku Waitlist

A proper host stand management app for iPad will help your host or hostess seat guests faster, move them through the restaurant efficiently (increasing seatings per service) and reduce overall stress for front of house management. With Rezku Waitlist, guests are given accurate wait time estimates because the powerful cloud based system behind the app calculates your table inventory and available seating. No longer do you have to try to keep track of it all in your head!

If you decide that your hostess needs waitlist management, online reservations and in-house reservations it’s easy to upgrade to Rezku Tablet and keep all your settings!


Freshbooks is web-based accounting software that can be used on iPads and Android tablets with connected keyboards to manage your accounts and books. As a restaurant owner you might need to access your books on regular basis, while you will need a bluetooth keyboard to prepare your books, if you need an overview of your finances or want to update on the go, your accounting activity is accessible in the cloud. Using Freshbooks could be the solution you have been looking for.

Key Ingredient

If you are looking for new, trendy and delicious recipes to add to your menu, or generally want a rotating menu with seasonal specialty items for your restaurant then key ingredient is the app that will provide you with endless possibilities. Key ingredient has approximately 1.5 million recipes divided into different categories. So, if you’re looking to change things a bit and see what the latest trends in food area, then Key Ingredient is the app you need.

Rezku POS

Yes, it’s an iPad-only app but when it comes to functionality and reliability this advanced point of sale system has got it in spades. With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, Rezku POS lets you take orders fast. A fully featured iPad POS system that is incredibly affordable and offers the lowest credit card processing rates in the industry.

When your restaurant upgrades to a modern point of sale system, you’ll find all the advanced features you’d expect included in Rezku POS. Like inventory management, analytics, labor tracking and more. Creating menus is super easy, and you have the pricing control you want when managing promotions.

Not to mention the fact that the team at Guest Innovations is incredibly helpful. Unlimited support and training are included in the flat monthly service fee.


inDinero is your in-house accounting assistant which you can access from your phone. It does not only let you monitor your revenues and spending but you can also use it for filing your taxes and generating payroll. Few people would put taxes and accounting at the top of their favorite things to do list, but in the restaurant business it’s very important to make sure your accounts are in order! inDinero eases this process and gives you the help you need, when you need it.


This is also an iPad-only app, but it’s very powerful accounting and spreadsheet software. If you are looking for an integrated app that lets you basically manage all your operations then Numbers is your app. It lets you track inventory, budget and create and manage staff schedules. Everything will be available to you on the tips of your fingers. If you want your inventory report and budget report to be in graphic format it will let you do that as well. Moreover, you can export all your data to an Excel file and use the App on multiple devices. You’ll need a bluetooth keyboard to get the most out of the app as well as applications that can export data in a format that numbers can read.

Communication Management

Communication is a key to success in any business. Communicating effectively with customers and when it comes to restaurant business operations, it is even more important because if there is a problem with, supply, kitchen or any other area, you need to communicate it effectively to the person responsible for solving the problem. Using a communication management app will help you achieve that goal.


If you are an absentee owner, or a manager of a big team and face a problem of communication gap then slack could be the answer to your problem. Slack is a communication app that lets you send personal and group messages to your team and also has the option of screen sharing, file sharing and an integrated call option. So, never worry about communication again because you have slack for effective team and communication management. It’s also free!


As a restaurant manager you may be handling multiple social media accounts, checking posts, reviews, and other account activity. Since you need to check in on social media accounts several times a day, logging into every account and checking the progress of each account manually could be a painful process and would waste time.

f you want to save time when logging in to check social marketing progress, then you can use Hootsuite, an integrated app that lets you manage all your social media accounts through one place. Through Hootsuite you can pre-schedule your posts to a specific time and they will be posted automatically, so, if you want to send a happy hour message tomorrow you don’t have to wait till lunch time in front of your computer to schedule the post, you can just pre-schedule it in Hootsuite and it will be posted automatically.

Rezku (For Diners)

Managing your online presence, communicating with guests and taking online reservations is easy through the Rezku (For Diners). Available for both iOS and Android, you create your unique local profile. Specify the type of cuisine you serve as well as price range and amenities, add images, menus and link easily to your social media.

The Rezku Diner App is free for both guests and restaurants. The app even allows guests to make reservations right from your restaurant’s Rezku profile and notifies them when their table is ready! The app is free to download and so is your restaurant profile!

Download the Rezku Diner App in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Contact Guest Innovations for assistance in setting up your restaurant profile.


If you are looking for an easy way to do basic editing and upload your promotional photos directly from your phone, then use Skitch. It won’t only let you add, and edit photos from the app but will also let you share the photos directly from your app.

Skitch is also great for communicating with team members. It allows you to draw directly on the photos you take as well as add notes, so it’s a great tool for getting a visual communication accomplished.

New technology for restaurants is always advancing so get onboard now. Save time, get the data you need to make better decisions and save money by making fewer mistakes. These are the top apps for smartphones and tablets that will help your operations run smoothly and make life easier for restaurant managers and owners.

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