Free social distancing tools for restaurants

Rezku includes features to help you thrive and stay competitive.

We help you keep serving guests

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To help you thrive in uncertain times

  • Online ordering and delivery
  • Mobile contactless card readers
  • Phone takeout and delivery system
  • Self-ordering and payment for dine in
  • Curbside ordering, pickup and mobile payment
  • 3rd party online ordering integration
  • Online order review and pacing
  • Preordering with timed printing to the kitchen

All included with your Rezku subscription

Gain strategies for safer dine in service

Restaurant table service adapted for social distancing

Touchless Table Service

Everyone’s phone is a self-ordering tool

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Guests place orders and make payment right on their phone. Orders go instantly to your app for printing to the kitchen. With tableside self-ordering social distancing is maintained, while providing full service to guests.

  • Increase dine in efficiency to serve more guests, despite lowered capacity.
  • Increase dine in efficiency to provide a safer environment.
  • No shared touching of screens or card readers when guests use their own phone.

Socially Distant Layouts

Manage lower capacities and increase table spacing

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Visual table layouts in Rezku show you which tables are occupied and which ones are open. Easily move tables to update your floor plan for increased social distancing.

  • Drag and drop tables anywhere you need them to adjust for space.
  • Monitor restaurant capacity from any iPad to ensure compliance.
  • Orient servers to changes and better serve guests with accurate layouts.

Enhance your takeout and delivery service

More ways for your customers to order and pay

Delivery Management

Complete delivery workflow design from beginning to end

Touchless delivery

All of your phone, online, and 3rd party orders display instantly on your app and print to the kitchen. Avoid the clutter of managing orders from multiple tablets.

  • No forgetting preorders. Customers choose their delivery time, determining when orders print to the kitchen.
  • Define the delivery area with a multi-point map and set delivery fees accordingly.
  • Manage the whole process and mark orders “done” to ensure every order is perfect.

Curbside Pickup and Takeout

Provide convenient limited contact service

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Curbside pickup and carhop service turns your driveway into a dining room. Provide first rate mobile carside service with Rezku .

  • Mobile app with contactless payments for efficient carhop service.
  • Pre-order online with vehicle information for speedy service right to their car.
  • Orders print wirelessly from curb to kitchen without having servers run around.

Online Ordering

Give your customers exactly what they’re looking for

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Get amazing online ordering features included with your Rezku subscription.

  • Order pacing puts you in control of the order flow, to keep the kitchen humming at a comfortable pace.
  • One menu everywhere with instant 86 from the app and online.
  • Choose custom colors, images and logos for your business. Fully branded for your restaurant.

More service options included

Continuous innovation for the changes ahead

With Rezku, stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. With solutions today and innovation for the future.

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