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Pizza POS

The Only POS That Gives Pizzerias A Branded App

Pizzerias use Rezku to play the bigger game, on par with the national chains. With Rezku, the power is in your hands to compete at the highest level, by leveraging smart technology that makes everything easier. Talk to Rezku to see how you can get a branded app for your pizzeria.

See how Rico's perfected operations with Rezku's Pizza POS

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angelo koukoularis
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I love Rezku because my staff was able to adapt instantly. This is the only POS that allows us to enter even the most complicated pizza order.

Rezku makes my life easier!blue quotation mark

Angelo Koukoularis

Owner, Stonington Pizza

Only Rezku offers a complete, branded app for your pizzeria.

Only Rezku POS offers a comprehensive branded ordering and delivery experience with a branded app and online ordering.

Your colors, your logo, your photos - Your App.

Increase off premise orders by 300% per customer. Experience what the big 3 chains already know.

Build loyalty with integrated perks to get them coming back again and again.

Instantly notify customers of specials and promotions to drive new orders.

Modify your Pizza POS menu and prices on the fly - all apps update instantly.

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luigi discioarro

"Customer service really is number one!"

Luigi Discioarro

Owner, Vesuvio’s Italian Restaurant

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rezku pizzeria pos
curbside pickup for pizzeria
grubhub, uber eats, doordash delivery for pizzeria
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The Most Comprehensive Omnichannel Experience

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tracy lurie

"I will never use any other POS system EVER!"

Tracey Lurie

Owner, Fratelli's Wood-Fired Pizzeria

Keep them coming back

Use loyalty perks across Rezku’s entire platform. Rewards points follow your customers no matter how they order.

Tuesday pizza special or a late night discount? Rezku’s timed specials and happy hours allow you to run promotions online, in the restaurant or via your pizzeria app.

Use coupon codes or auto-apply coupons. Run different specials for online, pickup or delivery. Use coupon codes to track marketing effectiveness.

Offer bundled specials as an added incentive to increase average spend. Do A/B testing to see which specials bring the most revenue.

Take your pizzeria to the next level with advanced, intuitive couponing, you can create yourself in minutes.

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email promotion for pizza restaurant

Total control of your pizzeria

Rezku delivers the most comprehensive manager's app available.

See all your pizzerias' performance data from the control center.

Get eyes on everything from the big picture to the smallest details.

Modify your menu, control permissions, run reports, all from the palm of your hand.

Do everything from anywhere.

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rezku pizzeria manager app screenshot

Rezku’s customer support team is always with you

Level 3 live support always available to you without any fees or limitations.

Connect by phone, chat, email and receive a rapid response.

Get your problems solved immediately without a gatekeeper or scheduling.

Unlimited remote pizza POS menu building, training and product setup assistance.

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woman calling rezku support

Find out why Rezku pizzerias increase sales reduce cost and have fewer headaches.

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Ready to learn more?

A Rezku specialist is ready to get into the gritty details with you. Submit your information and we’ll contact you right away.