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Pizza POS

Pizza is our Superpower

Pizza POS

Pizzerias use Rezku to play the bigger game, on par with the national chains. With Rezku, the power is in your hands to compete at the highest level, by leveraging smart technology that makes everything easier. Talk to Rezku to see how you can get a branded app for your pizzeria.

Pizza POS

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testimonial from Angelo Koukoularis

"I love Rezku because my staff was able to adapt instantly. This is the only POS that allows us to enter even the most complicated pizza order.

Rezku makes my life easier!"

Angelo Koukoularis
Owner, Stonington Pizza

testimonial from Tracey Lurie

"Best POS Ever!

Rezku listens to their customers' feedback and is always improving its system. I will never use any other POS system EVER!"

Tracey Lurie
Owner, Fratelli's Wood-Fired Pizzeria

testimonial from John Milliard

"If you are shopping for a POS, You MUST consider Rezku!

It will be one of your best decisions!"

John Milliard
Owner, Pappy’s Pizza

testimonial from Luigi Discioarro

"Customer service really is number one.

I chose Rezku POS because of how their support team treats me. Every time I call I feel like they really care."

Luigi Discioarro
Owner, Vesuvio’s Italian Restaurant

testimonial from James Stewart

"I would tell everybody to switch to Rezku.

Since I brought Rezku in, my headaches are all gone. Rezku solves all my problems for me. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done."

James Stewart
Owner, Rico’s Pizza

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The Only Complete Solution For Pizzerias

Rezku is a pizzeria POS and much more. Achieve unprecedented efficiency with Rezku's unified hub of powerful linked features. Master everything. Do more - better, faster and cheaper.

rezku pizza pos with cash drawer and kitchen printer
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Best-In-Class Cloud POS

Designed specifically to meet the needs of demanding pizzeria operations with offline payment fail-over.

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Delivery & Driver Management

Get pizza to your customers faster with location-aware maps-integration and text messages

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Caller ID Phone Orders

When a call comes in, customer profiles and order history populate on pickup. Ready to take their next order instantly.

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Native Online Ordering

White-label customized website and custom app. Easy set up. Unlimited first party orders w/ no commission fees.

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Customer Loyalty Rewards

Earn and redeem points at any location and online. In-app point-tracking to maximize engagement.

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Advanced Promos & Coupons

Create dynamic customer engagement with promo codes, and custom coupons that work across platforms & locations.

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Fast POS Ordering Designed Specifically for Busy Pizzerias

We understand what pizzerias need is entirely unique. We developed Rezku's pizza modifier system in coordination with experienced chain pizza restaurant operators, to create a highly capable yet uncomplicated experience that enables faster ordering without mistakes.

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Delivery Done Right

Pizzerias use Rezku to take command of their delivery fleet, track driver performance and ensure hot pizzas arte delivered with everything in the order.

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    Defined Delivery Zones

    Real-time address verification with Maps integration ensures the correct delivery fees are applied to every order.

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    Streamlined Driver Dispatch

    Assign orders to drivers with SMS instructions, turn-by-turn mapping and accurate drop off and return time estimates.

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    SMS Order Updates

    Your customers receive order status updates via text message.

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    DoorDash Drive Integration

    Instantly assign any delivery to DoorDash to effectively manage labor shortages.

delivery management on pizza pos

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The Master of Omni-Channel Ordering

From dine-in to online, Rezku service excellence to all of your customers. Manage all of your orders from a single, powerful hub of operations and set global pacing on the fly.

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1st Party Online

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3rd Party Online

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Online Ordering Customers Love

Ordering pizza online shouldn't be a half-baked ordeal for your customers. Rezku's white label portal is a joy to use and keeps your customers coming back for more.

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Get Your Custom Online Ordering App

Customized exclusively for your Pizzeria

  • While-label first party ordering
  • Downloadable for iPhone and Android
  • Fully integrated with Rezku POS
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Total Management in the Palm of your Hand

We listened to the demands of hundreds of pizzeria operators to give you what you always wanted. Rezku's powerful manager's app puts no-hods-barred, 360° control of your entire Rezku system at your fingertips. From menus and coupons to timecards and sales reports - for every one of your locations.

Business Intellligence At Your Command

rezku manager app screenshots
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Track KPI Metrics

Access live dashboards with all the performance data you care about at a glance.

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Custom Reports

Use over 600 data points to craft your own reports - emailed to partners and bookkeepers automatically.

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Employee Labor Management

Save time and money with integrated time cards and labor reports to manage payroll.

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Inventory With Cost Savings

Reduce waste, monitor theft, and track product performance. Includes low ingredients alerts, and auto-86ing.

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Rezku's Smart Kitchen Management System

Increase order flow, reduce mistakes and improve kitchen communication with Rezku's make-line and kitchen management system. Featuring thermal label printing for boxes and bags and unlimited station-directed ticket printing.

Rezku's Smart KDS is a Cut Above

Take kitchen management to the next level with advanced KDS functionality unique to Rezku.

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    Station-to-station bump control

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    Cut and wrap station and QC view

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    RUSH and DONE status

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    KDS print control

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    "All day" display for the fryer

KDS hardware
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Engage with your customers like never before

Every restaurant is fighting for attention. Rezku's customer retention strategy is an integral part of the system. Pizzerias who use Rezku are able to capture 3X more repeat business and increase average spend per-customer by 15% or more.

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Coupons and Promos

Use bundles, online coupon codes and more, customized to drive sales where you need them most.

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Loyalty & Perks

Incentives and perks to stay top-of-mind, keep them coming back and create value with your loyal customers.

customer using a gift card

Gift Card System

Increase per-visit spend an average of 15% with physical and digital gift cards that work at any location.

online ordering customer dashboard

Personalized Customer Dashboard

See coupons & rewards, reload gift cards, reorder from history and more.

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Email Marketing

Target your customers with email promotions through Rezkus MailChimp integration.

Bulletproof POS Pizzerias Depend On

Our success depends on yours. We are 100% committed to delivering the best pizzeria POS experience to every one of our clients through reliable, battle-tested hardware and software catered to the needs of high-volume pizzerias.

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3-Day Offline Mode

Take creedit card payments even when the internet goes down - for up to 72 hours. Payments sync automatically when the connection is restored.

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Guided Remote Setup

Rezku's POS hardware is virtually "plug and play", built on industry standards and can be set up in about an hour.

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PCI-Secure EMV Payments

The highest security PCI-DSS classification, to protect against credit card payment fraud.

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Unlimited Customer Support

Rezku's in-house, US-based customer support team is ready to help you, 24/7. The highest rated customer service team of any POS company.

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