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Get more out of you bar point of sale with Rezku. Use almost any credit card processor plus get over 300 features built in at no additional cost.

Bar POS with 0% Financing Bar Point of Sale System in stand with menu for ordering
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Rezku POS

See for yourself why bars are switching to Rezku POS.

Bar POS with 0% Financing Bar POS

The unstoppable Bar POS for iPad

Rezku Bar POS System has one touch bar tabs, the most robust offline mode available and allows and drink recipes built right in. Now your staff can work faster then ever before and you have a better grasp of your numbers even when your not at the bar.

The right tool for the job.

Award-winning Point of Sale

Rezku gets bars

We know what matters most to bar owners, and designed a bar POS system that works the way you do. No hassles. Gets the job done. That’s it.

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Organized
  • Locked Down
Bar staff member

Stay in the flow. All night long.

Maximizing POS up-time is critical in a busy bar. Rezku POS has multiple built-in safeguards to ensure consistent service availability. When life gets messy you can count on Rezku POS.

Quality hardware. Built tough.

Bar point of sale hardware needs to take what you can throw at it. That’s why we only use name-brand, best in class hardware. Battle-tested in real bars and proven to stand up.

• Apple iPad for responsive performance

• Epson printers for reliable printing all night

• Ingenico card readers for fast EMV payment

• Solid cast steel Heckler Design iPad stands

When it matters most, you can trust the proven track record of these industry leading manufacturers to deliver performance for years to come.

Keeps on going. Even without internet.

Rain or shine. Internet or no internet. The Rezku Bar POS is unlike any other cloud-based POS system. With advanced hybrid-cloud technology and serverless offline mode, you get the reliability of an on-site POS with the mobile access of the cloud.

• Keep ringing-in drink orders

• Keep printing to the bar

• Keep opening and closing bar tabs

• Keep taking credit card payments

When internet service resumes, our system will automatically syncs all offline data perfectly. So you never skip a beat.

A team that’s always got your back

Your point of sale reliability also means having a support team you can count on. You receive top-level priority service and technical support every time you contact us. We are 100% committed to your success.

Customer support representative
  • Always reach a live US-based technical expert
  • Calls answered day or night on the first ring
  • Emails answered in minutes
  • Chats answered right away

Try it now for yourself. Call 844.697.3958 and see how fast we pick up.

Chat is at the bottom of your screen. Ask us anything!

Get the support and service you deserve from a team that listens, understands and gets you the answers you need.

Simple. Without sacrifice.

You want a bar POS that’s easy to use. But you don’t want limited features. Can you really have it all and still keep it simple?

When bar POS is done right, it should make sense to anyone. So any bartender can walk in, make drinks and instantly “get it.”

That’s how Rezku POS is designed.

Bar Point of Sale

Big buttons for speed and accuracy

Every moment counts when ringing up orders. To avoid misfires our platform is built on the most reliable technology available with a responsive multi-touch screen and blazing fast chips. You don’t have to worry about glitches or slowdowns no matter how many open orders you have.

Running your bar from an iPad

Auto-sort bar tabs by name or search

Eliminate hunting for the right order. Your guests’ names are pulled right off their card automatically and sorted. Juggling tabs on a bar point of sale couldn’t be made easier. With two views and multiple sort options, you choose what’s best for you.

Ordering a cocktail

Instant drink recipes with just a tap

When was the last time you made a Harvey Wallbanger? Know what goes in it? It’s OK if you don’t. You’re just a tap away from finding out. Customize your bar menu with your own drink recipes to ensure that every drink that’s ordered is made to your pour standards and ingredients.

Pre-authorize credit cards with our Bar POS

Pre-authorize and close tabs without keeping the card

How many times have you closed the bar with a handful of patrons’ credit cards? It’s a hassle for you and them. With Rezku POS you decide what the credit pre-authorization amount is. Make sure you always get paid even if the patron leaves without closing their tab. And the best part? No lost cards at the end of the night!

Total control. Anywhere you go.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that no matter where you are, you’re ready to take care of business? Often times you’re required to be out and about in meetings or running errands.

Long gone are the late nights hunched in a corner of the bar over a PC just to get your work done. With cloud-based back office management, you can go anywhere with an internet connection and access real-time settings, reports and more.

Using the backoffice

Secure and protected. No worries.

Every bar owner has a high level of interest in security and theft prevention. Rezku POS gives you tools to protect your investment on every front, from combatting employee theft to shielding yourself and your customers from cyber attacks and fraud.

Knock out employee theft


Lock Down System Permissions

Prevent theft before it happens with discrete permissions set per-user. Lock them out of what they shouldn’t be messing with.


Track and Audit Bottle Inventory

Built-in pour tracking provides a baseline so you know how much liquor was sold. Advanced liquid accounting integrations provide additional tools.


Staff Activity Reports

Receive a detailed report of every discount, comp, refund and more auto-emailed to you every day. With this level of accountability, nothing’s getting past you.

Managing your restaurant from anywere

Master data security and fraud prevention

Meeting industry data security standards is more important now than ever. You can’t go a week without hearing about another major breach. For a small business, these threats can be a costly disaster. With Rezku Point of Sale for Bars, you don’t have to.

100% EMV Compliant Hardware

100% PCI Data Security Standards Compliance

100% Fully Encrypted Cloud Data

Accounting and accountability. Dialed in

Our point of sale system helps you keep tabs on everything going on in your bar and makes bookkeeping super easy. With detailed reports you can choose between PDF or Excel Spreadsheets.

Pour tracking and inventory management

Choose from built-in stock management tools or pick from the industry’s best liquor inventory tracking systems, integrated right into your bar point of sale system. This gives you options and total control, down to the last drop.

Bookkeeping and accounting

When tax time rolls around, be confident that your books are in order. Rezku makes bar POS bookkeeping simple, accurate and straightforward. And with Quickbooks integration your numbers are automatically synced with your existing bookkeeping, reducing chaos and confusion.

Labor, payroll and performance reports

Money in hand

Labor Management

Rezku’s Bar POS makes labor tracking and payroll easy. Employees clock in right on the POS. The timecard system is built right in. Export labor to your accountant or into ADP payroll.

Raising revenue

Real-Time Performance

Track employee performance through detailed sales reporting. Run contests and incentives to encourage up-selling and superior customer service.

Shift automation

Shift Automation

With 7shifts integration, employee shift management becomes even easier. Avoid conflicting shifts, field time off requests and let staff trade shifts on their smartphones.

Seeing is believing. Try it now

We don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Of course you need to try it for yourself. We’re here for you, ready to answer all your questions. Get started for free with a new Rezku bar system.

No Obligation

No Pressure

No Sales Scripts

No Hidden Costs and Fees

Let’s start a conversation today.

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Beer Saver
Intuit Quickbooks

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