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Rezku's Bar POS comes with all the premium features you need, bar tabs, inventory management, loyalty rewards, drink recipes, employee security controls, and detailed reporting. Run your bar with confidence utilizing Rezku’s extensive innovative technology.

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Advanced functionality for intuitive operation

Designed for bar-level efficiency, Rezku eliminates extra steps. Ring up and make drinks in record time with minimum taps required to get you there. It’s so easy that bar managers can train new bartenders to use Rezku Bar POS in 15 minutes or less. Rezku uses clear product photos and color-coded menus to keep things organized and speed up bartenders while maintaining accuracy. Bartenders are able to fly through the menu in no time.

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Uncover your poached profits

Rezku Bar POS helps you find the leaks in your bar that are draining your profits. Regain an average of 15% more profits immediately and establish who is abusing the system. Rezku’s inventory reports track every ounce of liquor and beer automatically with each sale. Suspicious activity reports show the who, when and why for discounts, cash drawers, voids and more. There is always hard evidence to protect your investment.

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Run bar tabs with authority

Eliminate the chaos of handling hundreds of open tabs with the fastest and easiest to use bar tab management. Free your bartenders from the burden of keeping and organizing customers' credit cards. With Rezku’s simplified process you hand back the customer’s card after opening the tab. No more lost cards at the end of the night. Rezku’s payment system is 100% EMV and PCI compliant, protecting you from onerous chargebacks. Bar tab pre-authorization ensures every card is good, allowing tabs to be paid even if your patron forgets to close out.


Automate happy hours to keep everyone happy

Set variable prices like a pro, even with thousands of drinks, it takes just seconds to set up. Create different specials for every day of the week, or adjust prices through the day. Happy hour sales insights establish the boost you need. Rezku’s automated pricing ensures bartenders always ring at the right price without any thought required. Prices change automatically without any need to memorize schedules or apply discounts.

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Order & Pay at Tables or Booths

Stylish yet rugged, Rezku’s handheld bar POS delivers the full experience without limitations. Servers can order exactly what your guests want, conveniently from their booth or table. Bartenders instantaneously receive servers’ orders, complete with drink instructions and notes for perfect cocktails every time. Convenient tableside payment ensures your guests’ drinks are always paid in full.

  • Send drinks wirelessly from booths to bartenders instantly
  • All-day battery backup
  • Rugged stylish case
  • Order and Pay at Tables and Booths
  • Provide a more intimate experience to guests

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