Rezku POS features

The Rezku POS iPad app has all the features restaurant owners need in a tablet point of sale. It’s much more than just a cash register or credit card payment app, it’s the choice of veteran restaurant operators.

Rezku POS for Full-service restaurants

Restaurant Management Features

These are the features restaurant owners and managers need most. What makes a modern POS so much more than a cash register system? It's the features that help you do more by leveraging the powerful technology behind iPad to transform your business into a well-oiled machine: in-depth sales reporting, up-to-the-minute labor cost calculations, deep-data exports, live dashboard infographics and more.


Rezku POS for Ice Cream Parlors

Secure Payment Features

Rezku POS is the most secure PCI DSS compliant and EMV capable cloud-based restaurant point of sale for iPad. Rest assured that your customers' sensitive payment card data is locked behind the tightest encryption protocols, reducing your liability and protecting you from fines and fees related to data fraud and breaches. Find more information about the PCI Data Security Standard here.


Rezku POS for Coffee Shops

Counter Ordering and Tableside Service

How your restaurant POS system works for taking orders is the major function it will be performing day in and day out. It can either make life easy for you and your staff or a nightmare. Imagine all the lost orders, confusing and buggy menus, crashing, freezing and worse. You don't want to put yourself through that. We help you design an order-taking flow that keeps servers from hunting through irrelevant modifiers and makes sure the cooks get complete orders.


Rezku POS for Bars

Promotions and Market Development

These days you can't believe "if you make it, they will come" and expect to keep your doors open for long. You need specific actionable tools to target customers and encourage them to maintain active ongoing engagement with your restaurant. Rezku POS helps you develop a plan for the active cultivation of regulars by providing you with guest development and promotional tools.


Rezku POS for food trucks

Gift Cards

With gift cards, you are virtually guaranteed repeat business. And the best part about it is that people who receive gift cards almost always spend more. Gift cards offered through Rezku are of the highest quality, designed specifically for reusability. These cards are hi-magnetic, ultra-laminated, high-resolution, full color. They resist scratching and their mag-strips last longer. High quality reusable gift cards are the best way to save money, keep green and put your best foot forward.


Rezku POS for

Loyalty Program

Restaurant Loyalty, Gift Cards and CRM are essential add-ons for Rezku POS, with everything you need to make your restaurant guests feel like VIPs. When you add Restaurant Loyalty and CRM to Rezku POS we walk you through using these tools in your restaurant. Learn restaurant marketing secrets that make a real difference and get more from your POS.


Rezku POS for Restaurants

Kitchen Display Systems

The Rezku POS kitchen display system is carefully designed for restaurant owners like you. Based on iPad for long-term reliability, compatibility and capability you can count on your new KDS for years to come. Take advantage of the Rezku POS KDS right away, assign an iPad to the task and you’re up and running. You can use the kitchen display alone or with your existing printers. You don’t even have to be in the kitchen to see orders as they come in!


Online Ordering

Online Ordering

With Rezku POS you have more choices for online delivery and ordering. That means you can find the online delivery and online ordering service that works best for your restaurant. Don’t sacrifice flexibility. Keep your options open. Use Rezku POS to break into the exciting profitable online food market.


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