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A New Launches Showcasing Full Suite of Offerings

Bringing all Rezku branded product pages under one domain name, the Guest Innovations team is looking forward to clearer messaging and increased brand awareness. CEO Paul Katsch discusses the new strategy and his thoughts behind the change.

Don't hit the back button! You're not just seeing things. All of the product pages for Rezku moved today. "It might come as a shock to our long-time customers but it's a better design and a better website structure." Said Paul Catch, founder, and CEO of Guest Innovations.

Guest Innovations is the company behind the Rezku brand of hospitality management solutions. Founded in 2012 by Katsch, to revolutionize the way restaurants use technology for business. There are four core tablet-based apps offered by Rezku, using a SaaS subscription model.

According to Katsch, each product page is now part of the main site, This is intended to reinforce an overall move toward stronger branding and increased customer awareness. This initia-tive is in conjunction with recent updates to logos and branding for each of the core products offered.


Rezku Updates Product Logos to Strengthen Brand Awareness

Restaurant management services offered by California technology company Rezku have recently received updates to their logos. Brand coordinator Sophia Salaber discusses the importance of clarified branding to strengthen their position as a market leader.

If your favorite restaurant management apps are looking a little different today, there's a good reason. Rezku has announced updated branding for their restaurant management apps.

Since 2012 Rezku has produced well-received web-based and iPad-based apps for the restaurant industry, using a SaaS business to business model. Services include online reservations, credit card processing, point-of-sale and front of house management.

To assist customers when searching the App Store, some products have been renamed for clarity. "This update is really exciting," said Brand Coordinator Sophia Salaber. "We believe consistent branding across our products will help new customers more easily discover us in the app store."


Guest Innovations is Relocating to Larger Offices

The parent company of Rezku, a leading restaurant management app developer, is moving this month to a larger campus. CEO Paul Katsch reflects on recent growth and the importance of taking care of clients

This week there's commotion in the offices of Rezku parent company Guest Innovations. Movers hauling desks, cubicles, and equipment. They bustle around a resolute team who despite the chaos, continue to work and answer phones. Today is moving day.

"Our customers are our highest priority. Nothing will keep us from providing the absolute best to our restaurant clients. There will be no interruption of service." CEO Paul Katsch assured.

Since 2012 Rezku has been doing business out of offices located at 2150 River Plaza Drive, just outside the downtown Sacramento area. Close to the quiet riverside community of Natomas.

"We're not moving too far, but it's going to be quite a change," Katsch added. The Rezku offices will be relocated to a larger more modern campus at 2520 Venture Oaks Way, Suite 310, Sacramento CA 98533.

The new office adds additional square footage and facilities to accommodate expansion as the company looks forward. "Since we added point-of-sale to our services, the growth has been tremendous. This is the best thing we can do for our customers. To make room for more staff."


Rezku POS Gets Top Honors

Launching into 2018 with a flurry of excitement not usually seen around business software, Rezku POS is lauded by both business analysts and end-users for a commitment to incredible ease of use and dependable customer service.

FinancesOnline.Com has formally recognized this new wave of enterprise by awarding Rezku POS two of its most prestigious awards.

FinancesOnline.Com is one of the most trusted and highly ranked sources for independent software reviews, with an expanding influence among both consumers and industry professionals.

Receiving these two awards at the same time is reflective of the momentum of attention restaurant owners have given Rezku POS in the last year.

The Rising Star Award is given exclusively to business solution providers who have disrupted their respective industry in a significant way. Looking at how the restaurant POS landscape has changed in the last year it’s easy to see the impact that Rezku POS has made.

Rezku POS is receiving the Rising Star Award for 2018 in recognition of a recent burst of exponential growth and for shaking up the restaurant point of sale industry. This is also evidenced by our inclusion in the software directory’s popular types of POS software guide.


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