Create a Remarkable Dining Experience

Create a Remarkable Dining Experience

If you’ve succeeded in enticing a new customer to come into your restaurant, that’s just the first step. Once they walk in the door it’s important to create a remarkable dining experience.

Why The “Wow” Factor Is Important

Restaurant guests rave to their friends, post on social media and come back to amazing restaurants.

How does a little place in the middle of nowhere becomes a hot-spot for locals and travelers? How does a restaurant in the heart of the big city stand out when there are so many food choices?

The answer is simple — careful attention to the 4 keys to creating a great experience for diners.

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4 keys to creating a remarkable dining experience:

Decor and Cleanliness Set the Mood

The moment your guests walk in the door their expectations are being set. They will draw conclusions based on the interior of your restaurant.

It should go without saying that to have satisfied customers, it must be a clean environment. Attention to detail communicates to your guests that you care about delivering quality. This puts them at ease and allows them to relax and enjoy themselves more.

Your choice of decor informs diners what type of restaurant they are visiting. The mood you set should complement the theme of the restaurant and the cuisine. A strong theme can be an effective way to make your restaurant more memorable.

Friendly Staff Provide Comfort

When people go out to eat, they are trying to escape from the stress and worry of their lives. They’re paying you to take on the responsibilities, so they can relax.

Your customers’ goals are not just to find food to sate their hunger, they are looking for an event to take their mind off things. Restaurant staff need to be mindful of diners’ emotional needs to provide “next level” service. Front of house staff should do what they can to make sure every restaurant guest feels welcome and cared for.

Smile warmly when greeting guests at the door. Ask for drink orders right when they’re seated and offer popular beverages. By assisting your guests in the ordering process you create a tailored experience that they will appreciate.

How your staff deals when things go wrong also means a lot to your guests. If an order is incorrect, apologize and have it corrected promptly. Consider adding a free dessert or app as a peace offering. A small gesture can go a long way to showing your customers that you care about their happiness.

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Quality Food and Speedy Service Impress

If your kitchen staff is having difficulties as a result of faulty equipment, promptly correct the issue and get it fixed. Broken equipment should not affect food quality or service.

Your staff should be cleaning and maintaining equipment on a regular schedule. That includes frequent discarding of outdated ingredients, so they are never used.

Even though it is out of the view of the guests, taking care of your kitchen has a direct positive effect on your guests’ experiences.

When your wait staff use a table side ordering system like Rezku POS orders are sent directly to the kitchen wirelessly with ticket print out or go to the included KDS (kitchen display system).

Cooks can get started immediately, even while the server takes other orders.

With table side payment the entire checkout process is streamlined. Without all of the back-and-forth, guests move through payment fast, while still having time to socialize as much as they want to.

Je Ne Sais Quoi Makes The Experience Memorable

To make your restaurant more memorable, some showmanship may be in order. Setting desserts on fire and doing flip-tricks with food grilled in front of the customer still manage to impress guests.

Once you’ve mastered the above steps to creating a consistently great experience, find that extra “something” that makes your place different than anywhere else in the universe. A unique decor, an activity or a signature dish can be used to express your brand message and connect deeply with your target market.

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To provide a remarkable guest experience in your restaurant start by making sure your restaurant is clean. Create an environment that is inviting to your guests and matches the theme of your restaurant.

Greet diners with friendly staff who welcome them and make them feel at home. Personalize service by offering recommendations and advice based on their tastes and preferences.

Keep your kitchen clean, well organized and throw out bad food immediately to ensure food quality standards. Utilize a table side wireless POS tablet to streamline the order taking and payment process.

When you’ve achieved the other goals on this list, look for something that makes your restaurant unique and capitalize on it. Use this to enhance the guest experience and make it more memorable.

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