Take Tableside Ordering to the Next Level with Rezku POS

Take Tableside Ordering to the Next Level with Rezku POS

Tableside ordering allows your servers to input orders into the POS right at the customer’s table. When servers take orders at the customer’s table, they can limit mistakes and speed up table turn times as well.

The best POS systems give you the tools you need to take customer orders efficiently and accurately. Discover how Rezku POS gives you the tools you need to take advantage of tableside ordering and improve the ordering process for your customers.

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Why should restaurants use tableside ordering?

Improved efficiency

To run a successful restaurant, you need a point of sale system that can keep up with your fast-paced service. When your business focuses on dine-in service, your POS system needs to complement your workflow and streamline ordering.

The faster you can turn tables, the more profit you can make as a restaurant owner. With Rezku POS, tableside ordering can help you to speed up turn times and provide a better customer experience to your guests.

When your servers take the orders at the customer’s table, they can update the customer’s ticket in real time. This helps to mitigate mistakes that might be made by manually entering the order at a later time. Additionally, servers have access to all of the product information they need to sell and upsell your products.

Improved service

When your servers spend more time with your guests, they can do a better job to personalize their dining experience. With Rezku POS, servers can view product descriptions and images to help the customer decide on their order. Additionally, with live inventory tracking, your servers know exactly how many of each product is left in stock.

Some guests may worry about their credit card information when they pay for their meal, but with tableside ordering their fears can be addressed. By taking a customer's payment method at the table, you can offer them peace of mind because their card never leaves their sight.

Additionally, any price changes from promotions are automatically displayed on the POS as well. With all of these tools, your servers will have everything they need to provide great customer service.

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The Best Restaurant Tableside Ordering Technology

Now is the perfect time to switch to tableside ordering

If you’ve been interested in tableside ordering in the past but were worried about the technology being tricky to use or running out of battery power at the worst time, the great news is that using tableside tablets is now easier, more reliable and longer lasting than ever. The technology has finally caught up.

Rezku has introduced the most exciting system for tableside ordering, featuring a hard polycarbonate case for durability and long-life battery backup. With the Rezku Ready base you can instantly convert from a stationary POS register to a mobile tableside tablet without the cost of buying more equipment.

Making tableside easy and effortless

Rezku POS tableside tablets connect to your network wirelessly, so as long as your servers stay in range of your wireless network, they can easily take orders, print receipts to the kitchen, and take customer payments from anywhere in the restaurant. With the ruggedly designed case, your tablets are safely protected from impact or damage while on the go.

Rezku POS includes all of the tools you need to begin tableside ordering, and with Rezku Ready, you will be fully prepared to take tableside ordering to the next level. Equipped with PCI compliant card readers that are also fully mobile, your servers provide guests with maximum payment flexibility. Accept EMV chip, magstripe, and contactless payment right there at the table.

QR Codes and Contactless Tableside Ordering

Given the recent social distancing requirements, you may be looking for smartphone payment options for your guests, using QR-codes and a digital menu. This allows a guest to pay at the table for dine-in or pay for their takeout order right from their smartphone.

Rezku POS is determined to give you the latest payment options for your social distancing strategy. With Rezku POS customers scan their QR code and are instantly brought on their phone to the order and payment screen. Now you can tackle social distancing and tableside ordering in an entirely different way.

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Running a successful restaurant depends on personalized customer experiences. With tableside ordering, you can offer more personal service to your customers and speed up table turn times.

To get the most out of tableside ordering, you need a POS system that offers you the tools you need to accommodate any order. Rezku POS was designed with tableside ordering in mind, and gives you everything you need to take customer orders straight from the table.

Give us a call today for more information and a personalized demonstration of the system. Learn how easily Rezku Ready can be used to boost your sales and streamline your workflow.

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