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7shifts Integrates with Rezku

Spend 80% less time scheduling your restaurant staff and integrates directly with Rezku! 7shifts exists to simplify labor management and improve performance in restaurants. Freeing up managers to focus on service and operations. 7 million shifts scheduled every month. 100,000 hours saved. $12 million saved per month in labor costs.

Build the perfect schedule in just a few minutes with simple drag and drop editing. Overtime, availability and labor laws are factored in automatically! Once the schedule is set it can be published directly to the 7shifts app or sent as an email so employees get it right away.

The 7shifts app also keeps you connected to your team with announcements, reminders, shift feedback and photo sharing. Publish store stats like no-shows, lates, and top servers to drive employee engagement. Rezku integration helps you track variances in sales and labor, to make smarter decisions and lower costs. Lock your labor budget and eliminate unbudgeted labor hours.

Save time and take schedules to the next level with 7shifts and Rezku!