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DoorDash Integrates with Rezku

Increase takeout sales by 50% with the largest delivery platform in the US and Canada. 300,00 restaurants already use DoorDash. No matter the demographic, from parents to millennials to businesses looking for catering, 80% of consumers have access to the DoorDash app.

DoorDash is also a way to reach new customers in your area. By featuring your menu in the DoorDash app, foodies can easily discover your restaurant and order your food without any additional marketing effort or expense.

And Door Dash delivers for you, cutting out the expense of developing or maintaining the staff and processes to deliver in-house. The Dasher network fulfills most delivery orders in an average of just 37 minutes! Orders come into DoorDash and are sent right to your Rezku system. No manual entry required! DoorDash integration is facilitated with Chowly.

Develop your delivery business today with DoorDash and Rezku!