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GrubHub Integrates with Rezku

After joining Grubhub restaurant takeout orders increase in volume by over 20% and experience up to 6 times growth in monthly takeout revenue compared to non-Grubhub restaurants. With built-in promotional options, Grubhub helps you can tap into more diners near you!

Deliver with Grubhub -- experienced drivers and on-demand and 24/7 customer care ensures every order is taken care of. Order tracking technology tracks orders in real-time so you and your customers always know the status of orders and deliveries are always fresh. Eliminate the costs of driver salaries and insurance.

Orders placed on Grubhub are sent directly to your Rezku system without any need for manual entry. Kitchen tickets print automatically with all the order details, including special instructions and customer information. Grubhub integration is facilitated with Chowly.

Start delivering more food to local customers with Grubhub and Rezku!