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Postmates Integrates with Rezku

Partner with Postmates and get delivery and logistics solved! Postmates has over 65,000 merchant partners in 3,500 cities across the US and Mexico, with 300,000 active delivery fleet members. Tapping you into the nation's largest on-demand delivery network.

Restaurants see an average increase of 4 times their current orders after partnering because Postmates helps you reach customers in new neighborhoods across your city though widening your delivery zone and increasing your restaurant’s visibility through the Postmates app.

Postmates handles every detail, from vetting drivers to delivery logistics, ensuring fresh and timely food is delivered to your customers. With Rezku and Postmates integration orders placed in Postmates are sent directly to your software and to your kitchen for preparation. No extra tablets required! Postmates integration is facilitated with Chowly.

Develop your new takeout and delivery strategy today with Postmates and Rezku!