How Can Restaurants Adapt to the Coronavirus Quarantine in 2020?

How Can Restaurants Adapt to the Coronavirus Quarantine in 2020?

Top Strategies

Humans are naturally social beings. Good food, drinks and friendly folk connect to a deep part of our psychology, and enrich our lives. This is the stock and trade of the hospitality industry.

Alongside us, thriving on our social instincts and need for community gatherings exist viruses, germs and bacteria which are easily passed between us humans. Typically this is considered part of life and the so-called “flu season”.

However, with the outbreak and spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) the susceptibility of vulnerable individuals to severe symptoms means taking extreme precautions not typical during a normal flu season. The U.S. Center for Disease Control has issued new guidelines to slow the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) for the upcoming weeks.

These recommendations include postponing gatherings of more than 50 people and groups of 10 or less for vulnerable populations and limiting dining out to takeout options only. Meanwhile, some states have gone above and beyond the Federal recommendations to mandate the closure of bars and restaurants. Some of these states include Washington, Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Kentucky, Louisiana, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. They have all ordered a ban on dine in for bars and restaurants. The governors of other states have asked for restaurants and bars to voluntarily follow suit.

According to the top national advisor on infectious disease, there is still a possibility that there may be a complete shutdown of restaurants and bars for a short period of time.

With the rapid development of these events, it’s important for restaurants and bars to adapt.

There will certainly be a loss of income for restaurants over the coming weeks. Prepare for the financial impact by using the following strategies:

Adjust business costs

  • Be aware and adjust your upcoming perishable food deliveries to reflect a reduced sales volume.
  • Adjust staff schedules. Let servers and other staff know that their schedule will be adapted in accordance with reduced demand and closed dining rooms.
  • Cancel events that depend on economy of scale. Inform DJs, bands and other performers who have scheduled events with your venue that expected foot traffic required to make these events worthwhile are unlikely to materialize.

Get delivery and online ordering set up

  • Displaced servers with their own cars may be able to work as drivers for delivery.
  • Sign up for 3rd party delivery platforms but be aware they’ll be highly utilized until new drivers sign up.
  • Sign up for a 3rd party POS integrator like Checkmate. This service automates the ordering process between multiple 3rd party delivery systems and your point of sale system.
  • Get Rezku POS -- Because Rezku POS is designed for all types of restaurant and bar concepts, delivery and online ordering features are already included. This gives hospitality businesses the ability to be more flexible and adapt their service concept.

Start curbside pickup

  • Curbside pickup is the easiest adaptation you can start with today.
  • Rezku POS is built on wireless iPads and card readers that are mobile and easy to bring to the parking area in front of your restaurant.

Enforce strict hygiene rules

  • Any staff with symptoms of illness should not be allowed to work. The risk of contamination is too great.
  • Instruct all staff in proper handwashing technique (Spanish version).
  • Help all staff, especially kitchen staff, understand the extreme importance of not spreading the virus, both in terms of public health and your establishment’s reputation.


As the quarantine develops, maintain an open mind and flexibility. Cut staff and food orders with reduced demand in mind. Shift your service model away from the dining room toward pickup and delivery. Get a POS like Rezku, that is flexible for different service models right out of the box and most importantly, make sure staff members are on board with strict hygiene procedures.

Following these guidelines will help your business continue to provide your community with access to food while they stay at home, avoiding crowds and public spaces.

For more tips and advice for managing restaurants and bars visit our library homepage. For more information about Rezku POS book a demo with an expert today!

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