Using Rezku POS to Build a Better Dining Experience During COVID-19

Using Rezku POS to Build a Better Dining Experience During COVID-19

As we approach shifts during the events of COVID-19, restaurants are beginning to reopen for business in nearly every state. With the current condition of the pandemic, restaurant owners will face difficult changes as they welcome back their guests.

The fear of infection has not disappeared, and many patrons are choosing their dining experiences very carefully. Social distancing and preventative measures are on the minds of guests everywhere, so designing an experience to alleviate these fears is crucial to succeed.

With the tools provided by a modern POS system, your business will have what it needs to meet these changes head on. In this COVID-19 climate, it is more important than ever that businesses tailor their experiences to meet customer expectations.

Here are several ways that you can personalize your dining experience to ensure the peace of mind of your customers and staff alike.

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Maximize the Customer’s Experience

The first step of first class customer service is getting to know your guests. Understanding what your customers want will allow your business to deliver personalized products that suit their needs.

Once you know their interests, keep track of that customer. Construct a mailing list of your guests’ emails, and send discounts and event notifications directly to your most valued customers. Use social media to read and reply to patrons all while establishing an online niche for your business.

By tracking a customer’s information, you will be able to provide personalized service. With Rezku POS, you can add loyalty programs to further encourage guests with discounts for the products they enjoy. Servers and cashiers can use the system to learn the names of your regular customers, and make them feel welcome in your restaurant or bar. Use notes to remember a guest’s particular order, and surprise them by offering recommendations based on similar products.

Customer Relationship Manager

Modern POS systems will include features for customer relationship management. Using this feature, you will have the ability to quickly and easily add customers to a database for marketing and outreach. Once you start tracking your customers, you will be able to tailor their dining experience to provide memorable personalized service.

Using a customer relationship manager will allow you to track a customer’s top purchased items, in depth order history, how often they attend your restaurant or bar, and lifetime spending. These details will help to target promotions and advertising for your business. The CRM system included with Rezku will allow you to track this information with ease, and build loyalty programs with discounts that will keep your customers happy.

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Add Loyalty Programs to Reward Customers

A CRM system does more than just store information; you will be able to establish and manage loyalty programs to further incentivize your guests. With COVID-19, every incentive you can offer to your guests matters. By building loyalty programs, you will have the option to offer these incentives as rewards to guests when they make purchases at your venue.

When your tracked customers come to shop, they will be automatically earning loyalty points to use for their future purchases. Applying these discounts or comped items is just as easy for your servers with a customer relationship manager.

Consider offering VIP discount cards to incentivize customers further and increase the frequency of visits. Using these tools will allow you to create relationships with your customers, and quickly turn new guests into regulars.

Address Social Distancing

In order to meet customer expectations in these unprecedented times, you must be willing to explore new ordering options. Allowing customers to order online will help them to alleviate their fear of infection. Online ordering will also help to streamline the ordering process, and minimize the number of customers waiting at any given time to make an order.

Meet customer expectations by offering curbside pickup. This will allow your business to maintain social distancing standards and ease the fear of your guests. Your customers will appreciate the consideration, and build trust with your business.

Finally, consider taking online orders to the next level and offer delivery. Due to the pandemic, walk-in traffic is highly reduced. These customers have been shifting towards delivery as a replacement; ensure that your business is equipped to adapt with your customers.

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As the restrictions of lockdowns are changing, restaurants are beginning to reopen. Businesses that tailor their dining experience to personalize service for their guests will succeed in this current COVID-19 market.

Take measures to ensure the satisfaction of your customers. Learn from and engage with your patrons to provide service that meets their needs.

Use a restaurant CRM to track customer information and offer personalized promotions for your guests. Build mailing lists and send important information to your customers to keep them informed.

Incentivize customers with loyalty programs and VIP discounts. With the tools of a customer relationship manager, allow guests to earn points by shopping at your restaurant. Consider allowing guests to join reward programs to offer additional discounts.

Do whatever you can to ease the fears of your customers. Meet the requirements of social distancing, and consider adding options for online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery. Customers will appreciate your consideration for their safety.

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