Choosing the Best POS for Your Ghost Kitchen

How to choose the best Pizza POS

Due to the pandemic, many restaurants are reevaluating how they conduct their business. With social distancing, dine-in restaurants are going through some major changes to their service. Some restaurants are even closing their dining rooms, and opting for a to-go and delivery focused approach to service.

By shifting their focus around to-go and delivery orders, these ghost kitchens have been able to adapt to the requirements of social distancing and offer convenient service to their customers. However, due to their unique circumstances, ghost kitchens require an advanced and robust point of sale system in order to function effectively. This guide covers the most important POS features you need to operate a successful ghost kitchen.

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Order Management Made Easy

As ghost kitchens become more mainstream, their unique needs become more clear. Without the need to focus on a dine-in experience, you can work to perfect your to-go and delivery services.

By using a POS, you can easily handle all of your customers’ orders. The best POS systems will allow you to set the pickup and delivery times of each order, and automatically print kitchen chits based on the time it takes to prepare the order. This helps to streamline your kitchen, because orders can be prepared in order of the printed tickets.

With Rezku POS, you can choose the information you want to track for each order type. Depending on if the order is for delivery or pickup, you can enter the customer’s name, phone number, address, and pickup or delivery time. Taking complex orders is made simple using the menu building tools available to you in back office, and with PCI certified credit card readers you can take payment in person or over the phone.

Expand Your Customer Base with Online Ordering

Online ordering is becoming more and more popular, especially during the pandemic. For the past four years, digital ordering has grown by 23%. As a ghost kitchen, online ordering will make your restaurant much more accessible to your customers.

A POS system that includes online ordering can save your staff the time and effort of manually entering online orders into the system. Additionally, because the online orders will be sent directly to the POS, you will limit the number of mistakes made by employees that would otherwise be entering the orders by hand.

With Rezku POS, online ordering is included with your subscription. You can easily select items from your existing menu to be available for your online customers. You can also choose whether or not customers can pay on pickup, or if online payment is required.

As customers make their orders online, they enter all of the information you will need depending on if the order is for pick-up or delivery. When the kitchen receipt prints, it includes all of the information your servers need to identify the customer as they arrive.

Using the Rezku back office, you can set a delivery zone to ensure your delivery orders are being made locally. You can also enable order pacing to prevent the kitchen from being overwhelmed by spacing out online orders during your busy hours.

Rezku POS integrates with itsacheckmate to seamlessly manage orders from other online ordering platforms like Grubhub and Doordash. With this integration, orders made from these third party delivery services are sent directly to the POS just like orders made from your online menu. By using these services, you can broaden your accessibility to a larger scope of online customers.

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Limit the Loss of Wasted Ingredients

Inventory management is just as important in a ghost kitchen as it is in a more conventional restaurant. Without solid ingredient management, you risk losing ingredients due to inaccurate tracking and running into issues with under or overstocking.

By choosing a POS that includes inventory management, you can track your ingredient usage in real time. As sales are made on the POS, your inventory will automatically decrement to accurately track the remaining stock.

Rezku POS offers all of the features you need to manage your inventory. With a customizable ingredient list, you can specify recipes for each product on your menu. You can even set up email reminders to alert you when your stock is getting low.


Successfully managing a ghost kitchen requires a unique set of tools from your POS. Choosing the right POS system can eliminate many of the problems that ghost kitchens face.

Excellent order management will allow your ghost kitchen to prepare orders accurately and efficiently. By setting pickup or delivery times, the system will automatically print kitchen receipts based on how long the order takes to prepare.

Online ordering will help your ghost kitchen reach as many customers as possible. Rezku POS allows you to use your existing menu, set delivery zones, and supports online and in person payments.

Manage your inventory with the tools provided by Rezku POS. Ingredients can be tracked for each purchase, and automatic alerts can remind you when you are getting low on stock.

Contact us today for more information and a personalized demonstration of the system and its features. Discover how Rezku POS can elevate your ghost kitchen to success.

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