Don't Buy a POS Until You Read This

Don't Buy a POS Until You Read This

What You Get Out of a POS

Investing in a point of sale system for your restaurant or bar is a big decision, and there are several key considerations that you should keep in mind. Have a clear goal of what you want to get out of a POS system, and look into products that meet your unique standards.

With Rezku POS you will have the ability to access fast and accurate reporting, simplify the ordering process for staff and guests, collect customer data for marketing and promotions, manage an extensive list of your inventory and ingredients, and host online orders on your website or app.

If your goals are to enhance the experience of your guests and to streamline your role as a business owner, then Rezku offers all of the tools you will need going forward.

Try Before You Buy

Before you jump into any contracts, you should gather as much information about the POS as possible. Speak with product specialists, and ensure the terms and the features offered will meet your restaurant’s needs.

Rezku offers free demos to go over the features you are interested in, and our product specialists will happily answer any questions you may have. We know that you have a busy schedule, so we will tailor the demo to your needs and not waste your time.

If you are interested and want to try for yourself, we offer trial accounts so you can fully experience the software and all that it has to offer. You’ll have access to menu building tools, reports, and more. You can run test transactions to familiarize yourself with the system, and even manage inventory and ingredient count. For the duration of the trial, you’ll have access to all of the features of Rezku POS so that you can make the most informed decision.

Choosing Hardware

When it comes to hardware reliability, not all hardware will offer the same results. Some POS systems will recommend unreliable card readers or printers in order to cut costs. Equipment like this might seem tempting, however when it inevitably fails during a busy night you might find yourself in a difficult place. Choosing to invest in the proper hardware will save you time and stress dealing with poor quality equipment.

Additionally, you may have the option to lease or purchase hardware. Although leasing can get you a lower upfront cost know you’ll be paying more in the long run. To save money, it is recommended to purchase your hardware when you have the choice.

Here is a list of hardware that you may need to get started with Rezku POS:


Most modern POS systems run as applications on a tablet. When it comes down to reliability, Apple iPads are generally the best choice. With Rezku, you have the ability to configure the register as a stationary point of sale, or a mobile device for taking tableside orders. Make sure to plan ahead, and determine the best layout of registers to accommodate your business.


Printers are one of the most crucial pieces of hardware for your business. A correctly configured setup for your printers will allow your staff to communicate quickly and effectively in order to provide the best service possible. When a printer fails, your staff will be in the dark. Make sure to invest in the best possible printers for your restaurant to avoid stress and confusion for your staff.

Epson printers provide the best results for businesses. The Epson TM-M30 is a printer that is most effective as a customer receipt printer. They are thermal printers, so they should not be used in hot environments such as a busy kitchen. The TM-M30 can be either bluetooth connected or hard-lined into the network.

The TM-U220 is a printer that is most effective as a kitchen printer. The U220 is built to be more sturdy, and can withstand the hot environments of the kitchen. They also print loudly to ensure that they get the attention of your kitchen staff. However, the U220 is not bluetooth compatible, and must be hard-lined into the network.

Both of these printers are rated for restaurant use, and will provide the best results even under heavy use. Rezku was designed to integrate with both theTM-M30 and TM-U220, and will easily connect to either device out of the box.

Card Readers

For credit card transactions, you will need an PCI compliant EMV card reader. Card readers come in all shapes and sizes, so look into one that best complements your restaurant’s workflow. Rezku partners with Magtek to provide the best and most reliable card readers for your business.

Magtek produces top end card readers for modern businesses. Their products streamline the checkout process, and provide secure and reliable service. Whether intended for countertop, mobile, or PIN pad use, Magtek offers products that will suit your needs. With the added benefit of bluetooth connection, your POS has never been easier to configure.

Get the Support You Need

When you sign up for a POS, you need to know where to go for support when things go wrong. A POS is a critical part of your business, and it shouldn't be expected of you or your employees to solve every issue that arises while using the system. You want to ensure that when you need help, you are able to get a fast and reliable answer to any question from a trained POS support technician.

With Rezku POS, our support staff are trained to handle any issue you may have, quickly and accurately, to get you back up and running, so you can focus on managing your restaurant and serving your guests. Whereas some POS companies incur hidden fees for contacting support, the Rezku subscription includes technical support for the system with no additional charge.

Always feel free to call in with questions, and know that our staff will give you the best answers.

Pricing and Contracts

One of the largest points to consider is the overall cost of the POS software. High price points can push away smaller businesses, but newer Software as a Service pricing models allow businesses of any size to sign up for subscription services at a substantially lower cost.

Consider the overall costs associated with POS systems, and do your research to know exactly what it is you are paying for. Some companies will attempt to lump in additional fees for borderline mandatory services, forcing their users to pay more or end up with an incomplete product.

With Rezku, you will never be broadsided by hidden fees. Our transparent pricing models are available for businesses of any size, and our competitive processing rates will ensure that you are paying the lowest prices for credit card transactions.


When you are choosing a POS system, you need to have a firm idea of what your business can get out of a POS. Consider which features of the POS will be the most useful for your restaurant, and find a system that offers those features most effectively.

The best POS systems will offer demos and trials to test out the software before making any big decisions. Try as many of the features as you can on the POS to determine if it can be used to meet your restaurant’s unique needs.

When choosing hardware, look into the specifications to ensure it will be compatible with your POS system. Avoid leasing hardware, as purchasing equipment is generally a more realistic option. Consider the options of each POS, and choose equipment that will best suit your workflow.

When you run into problems, you need to know the POS support team has your back. Make sure the problems that arise can be resolved quickly with the aid of trained technical support.

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