5 Easy Ways To Get More Business For Your Restaurant

5 Easy Ways To Get More Business For Your Restaurant

Every restaurant is looking for ways to boost sales from time to time. Here are five easy ways to get a bump in foot traffic that are proven to work. Use these ideas as a starting point to think about a promotional approach that will work for you.

In no particular order, here are five easy ways to get more business for your restaurant:

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1. Host Special Events

To bring in more guests and generate interest in your restaurant a great way is to host special events. Work with local clubs like Rotary and the city to plan special days in coordination with city events.

Advertise alongside these organizations and as a sponsor. Also, market to sports teams and other activity groups. Work with local wedding planners to offer your restaurant as a reception venue. These events will fill your calendar and your dining room.

2. Offer Seasonal Cuisine

Seasonal dining gives you an opportunity to change your menu and create buzz on social media. Regional dishes featuring locally grown in season ingredients can help attract new customers. Adding a seasonal menu isn’t just for gourmet bistros though.

Think about seasonal promotions like taco Tuesdays in the summer and football and wings nights in the fall. People have short attention spans these days and the revolving seasonal promotions can help maintain interest.

3. Add Loyalty Club Memberships

A rewards membership program is an exciting way to turn dining out into a game. Diners earn points rewarding them for frequent visits. It makes them feel like a VIP and like they are part of a special club.

A good loyalty program integrates with your point of sale and gives you an insight into your customers’ buying behaviors as well. If you’re interested in starting your own loyalty program Rezku can help you get started today!

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4. Get Some Live Music

If your restaurant has a full bar, doubling as a music venue after hours could provide you with the lift in business you’re looking for. You’ll have to take noise ordinances into account and get permission from the city if you want to host loud rock bands.

But there are many options for live music that don’t cause a ruckus or take the focus from the dining experience. Invite a piano player to sit in for requests, host an acoustic open mic night or call in the mariachi! Many guests love the opportunity to try new food and enjoy music.

Bonus! Happy Hour Isn’t Just For Drinks

Another way to boost business is to have theme nights with special pricing. For example, discounted family meals on Wednesdays, $2 desserts on Mondays and more. To keep this from getting complicated for staff, use a POS system that has automated timed pricing adjustments.

Rezku can help you set up your menu to feature unlimited specials, discounts and timed pricing that run automatically. So servers don’t have to memorize prices and everyone gets the specials they came in for.

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