How to choose the best Pizza POS

How to choose the best Pizza POS

With all of the unique demands of running a pizzeria, you need a POS that has been designed to accommodate your needs. Finding the perfect match for your business is easier said than done.

This article will cover the must have features for running a pizzeria, and how Rezku POS delivers on the key features you need.

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Streamlined Ordering

One of the most important features you need in your POS is an easy to use method to input orders. Your servers will appreciate the ability to quickly input customer orders regardless of their complexity. A streamlined ordering system also allows servers to speed up the ordering process and avoid customer frustration over inaccurate orders.

Rezku POS was purposely built to simplify the pizza ordering process. As an owner, you have full control over your menu. You can set up pizza-specific modifiers for your products to allow your servers to quickly apply add ons and toppings to a pizza order. Using the brand new “pizza mode” modifiers allows half-and-half toppings. These features make adding complex orders easier than ever before.

Online Ordering and Delivery

Online ordering and delivery are the backbone of a successful pizzeria. Online ordering is proven to be a valuable income stream for pizzerias. Rezku online ordering includes a delivery system to help you efficiently handle your online deliveries. The opportunity to use online delivery to expand your customer base has only increased due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

If your POS system does include online orders and delivery but they are difficult or confusing to use, then you have to deal with the stress and frustration of customers and staff. The best POS systems will allow you to personalize your online and delivery service to meet your needs.

Rezku POS allows you to do exactly that. You have total control over your online menu. By choosing items from your existing menu, you can set which products will be available to your online customers. You can choose your own URL for your online menu, and link it directly with your website for customers to access easily.

Rezku has a full-fledged delivery management system built in. By using the tools built into the system, you can set a delivery area maximum delivery range for customers. You can easily select separate delivery hours from your operating hours, and even include a delivery fee to cover the delivery driver’s expenses.

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Customer Tracking and Loyalty Programs

In order to keep track of your valued customers, you will need a POS system that includes a customer relationship manager. A CRM allows you to quickly and easily keep track of customer information for later use on the POS.

Adding a customer’s information to the CRM opens up new options as a restaurant owner. You can begin using loyalty programs to reward your customers for their purchases. Additionally, you can save a customer’s address to simplify delivery and phone orders for returning customers.

With Rezku POS, you have full control of how much information you want to track for each customer. Setting up a loyalty program can be done in a few minutes, and the system can detect when a customer has earned enough loyalty points to automatically apply rewards.

Use the Rezku CRM to get to know your guests. Do what you can to tailor the dining experience to give them memorable service and ensure they return. You can view their top ordered products, and make recommendations based on their tastes. You can build a mailing list of customer emails in order to send discounts and event notifications directly to your most valued customers.

KPI Tracking and Reports

When running a business, you need easy access to information tracked by your POS. Employee labor, server performance, and top selling products are all examples of POS data you use to make better decisions.

Rezku gives you up to the moment access to this information, and you will be able to determine what works and what needs improvement for your restaurant. Compare the popularity of your products, and cut low margin products from your menu.

With the reporting features of Rezku POS, you have all the information you need on any device. By simply logging into back office, you can access over 70 reports and exports that plainly list your business’s analytics. By signing up for daily emails, you can tailor reports and exports to be sent to you directly on a daily basis.

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Cut Food Costs and Track Losses

Every restaurant needs to consider how they will be tracking their inventory of raw ingredients. By choosing a POS that includes an inventory tracking tool, you can decrement your inventory from sales automatically and in real time.

The best inventory tracking systems will alert you when you are getting low on particular ingredients, and will remind you to stock up soon. Inventory management can also help you to better calculate the cost of your products, and allow you to better track your profit per sale.

With Rezku, low inventory alert emails ensure you're never caught short on a busy Friday night. Rezku tracks inventory down to the ingredient and reports when inventory shows a loss.


Given all the unique needs of a pizzeria, you need a POS system that includes all the tools and features that will make your role as a restaurant owner easier.

With Rezku POS, you gain access to customizable modifiers that can be easily applied. You can also quickly apply toppings to pizza halves.

With Rezku POS, you gain access to customizable modifiers that can be easily applied. You can also quickly apply toppings to pizza halves.

The CRM built into Rezku POS allows you to effortlessly keep track of customer data including name, phone number and address. So you can quickly start orders and make sure your drivers receive clear instructions.

Inventory tracking accurately adjusts stock after every sale. With Rezku POS, you get access to all of the tools you need to easily track your inventory.

Contact us today for a personalized demonstration and learn how Rezku POS can take your pizzeria to the next level.

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