How to Choose the Best POS System

How to Choose the Best POS System

Choosing the best POS system comes down to understanding your needs and finding the best point of sale for you.

The best POS system is one that is flexible and suits the way you do business. This guide to choosing the best POS system will:

  • Help you define your goals
  • Show how to choose a POS platform
  • Provide research guidelines
  • Give a recommendation for your next POS

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Define Your Goals

Start With a Feature List

Are you looking for a POS to replace an outdated system?

  • What features do you use all the time and love?
  • What features do you use all the time and hate?
  • What features feel like they were missing from the beginning?
  • What new features have come out since you got your POS?
  • What is your upfront budget?
  • What is your ongoing cost budget?

Are you looking for a POS for a startup restaurant?

  • What POS features did you use in the past that you liked?
  • What POS features did you use that you didn’t like?
  • What new POS features are you most interested in?
  • What is your startup budget for a POS?
  • What is your recurring costs budget?

Keep this list handy as we’ll be adding to it and sorting. This list will become your “master checklist” as you research different point of sale systems.

POS Platforms

There are three primary computer platforms used for current production point of sales. Narrowing down your search to one platform greatly reduces the scope of your research.

Windows Based — These systems have been around for decades. That’s why they’re referred to as “Legacy POS.” These POS systems are based on technology that existed before the smartphone revolution and were the typical point of sale seen in businesses over the last 30 years.

Why you might consider a Windows Based POS — Familiarity is the primary reason. People who have “grown up” using these old systems might feel a sense of nostalgia or even a level of control because they don’t have to learn something new.

Why you shouldn’t consider a Windows Based POS — Most businesses keep their POS system for 5-10 years. Getting a new POS based on 20 year old technology today just doesn’t make sense.

Support for these aging systems is expensive. And many of the technical problems from the past have never been addressed.

You shouldn’t need to be an IT person to count on your point of sale. Keep in mind that many young adults have limited experience with desktop computers and would be at a loss if anything goes wrong.

Android Tablet Based — There are lots of “POS apps” in the Android app store and some POS system manufacturers use Android tablets.

Why you might consider an Android POS — Android tablets are “all in one,” have touch screens, are inexpensive and there are lots of POS apps to choose from.

Why you shouldn’t consider an Android POS — The Android tablet market is shrinking every year. Finding support and replacements could become difficult. Like Windows, Android can be installed on any device so product quality is variable.

More importantly, many Android tablet manufacturers are not proactive about releasing security updates, especially after the first 2 years. This can mean your system isn’t PCI compliant.

POS apps found in the Android app store could be from anywhere in the world. Many Android apps leave back doors open to hackers.

iPad Based POS — iPad is the market leader for tablets used for business and industry. It’s a secure system that is emerging as the standard for modern tablet point of sale.

Why you might not consider iPad POS — Some people aren’t fans of Apple. They may think that iPads are overpriced.

Why you should use an iPad POS — Regardless of your feelings about Apple, using an iPad as a POS is the smart choice. The iPad is well built, has long-term warranty support and high level data security necessary for PCI compliance.

iPad screens are bright, responsive and high resolution. iPad and iOS are a unified system so updates are pushed out actively for years. The Apple App Store maintains a high standard for iPad apps.

iPad is the tablet of choice for hospitals, aviation and law enforcement not only because of its security features. iPad features the latest technology at the time with fast chips and stable wireless connectivity.

iPads have dramatically fallen in price in the last two years. Brand new iPads start at an affordable $250

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How To Research POS Systems

Online Search Guidelines

Your search for the best POS system will probably start online. There are hundreds of point of sales apps and system manufacturers. Since the best modern platform for point of sale is iPad, make sure to narrow your search to only iPad based POS systems.

When reading POS reviews online look for the date the articles are published. It’s smart to limit yourself to only recent reviews, since technology changes so quickly.

Also, try to find out who the websites’ sponsors are. The sneaky truth is that most point of sales review sites are “pay to play”. POS companies pay to get on the site and pay for their ranking.

This means that list of the “top 5 iPad POS systems” is actually the “top 5 companies who paid”.

You can find a lot of information about different POS systems on their own home page. Each POS company will list their products’ features and benefits. You can find out more about Rezku POS on our product page.

Getting Advice From Others

An important resource for choosing a POS system is the experience of others. Ask your friends who also use a point of sale what their experiences are. What companies provide the best customer support? Who has the most up to date features and technology?

National industry trade shows are a great resource where you can see different POS systems side by side in person. Another great resource is Rezku. We offer free point of sale consultations to help you learn about the latest technology. We have the answers you’re looking for.

Dealing With Salespeople

At some point in your research you’re going to have to contact the POS companies directly to get a system demonstration. You’ll also have questions that you didn’t get answered during your online research.

How your interaction with the sales team goes is a good indication of the POS provider’s priorities.

  • Is it a conversation or a scripted demonstration?
  • Are they able to answer your questions straight?
  • Do they miss scheduled appointments or ignore your calls?
  • Do they make repeated unwanted contacts after you’ve said no?

Take note of these interactions and decide if the philosophy that drives this company is in line with your values. Are they there to serve you or themselves?

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Best POS Recommendation

When you have had all your questions answered and made sure that a new POS fits your budget, has all the features you need, and the team behind the product has your success at heart, you’ll know you’ve found the best POS system.

We hope that you keep Rezku POS on your list until the very end, and choose Rezku to provide point of sale service for your business. Rezku was founded in 2012 with a mission to provide businesses with cutting edge technology that is affordable, innovative and “just works”.

Learn more about Rezku on our homepage. And schedule a free POS consultation. Use Rezku POS free for 14 days in your business before you ever pay a cent. See for yourself why our customers recommend Rezku POS to all their friends.

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