5 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Make a Social Impact During the COVID-19 Crisis

5 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Make a Social Impact During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is a unique and challenging time in our modern history. Creating new struggles few were prepared for. As a business owner and community leader, you may be wondering what restaurant owners can do to help those in need during the Coronavirus epidemic.

  1. No Kid Hungry — While schools are closed, they are no longer able to provide free and reduced cost lunches to children. This leaves many children vulnerable to starvation and food insecurity. Engage with your local organizers to see if there’s an opportunity to donate.
  2. Food Banks — Many people are out of work. Contributing to local food banks is another way to be actively involved in helping families in your community stay healthy. Donating excess inventory of canned and jarred items can be a win-win for you and those depending on food banks.
  3. Affordable Meal Kits — Add affordable groceries and meal kits to your online menu. Restaurants are an important part of the food supply chain and a safer alternative to grocery store shopping. Judging how much fresh produce can be hard for restaurants right now. Selling grocery kits can help offset the risk.
  4. Apply for the SBA Paycheck Protection program — While there have been some challenges, the US SBA is helping employers maintain normalcy and reduce stress for workers by keeping their employees regular paychecks coming. This maybe one of the most impactful ways to help your community.
  5. Repurpose Employees — The number of US unemployment claims is backed up. And it may be months before laid off workers get a check. Expand your takeout business with delivery drivers, phone-order cashiers and deep-cleaning of the restaurant. Many restaurants are also taking this time to remodel. Extra hands can always help!

Restaurant owners are valuable members of the communities they serve. Giving back in times of crisis can help us build a fulfilling sense of control and accomplishment in the midst of chaotic circumstances.

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