Restaurant Blog Ideas

Restaurant Blog Ideas

Ranking high in online search results and keeping social media buzz going means constantly posting quality content that engages your audience.

Sometimes it can be hard to think of new restaurant blog ideas. But here to help you are some creative ideas about how to generate new content for your blogs and social media pages.

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Why It’s Important to Post to Your Blog Regularly

Posting to your restaurant blog on a regular basis increases your restaurant website traffic.

It helps you rank higher in searches for the keywords used on your blog and means more hungry people looking at your online menu.

Posting on your blog gives you a centralized location for all your social media content. You can post once on your blog then share to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

By having your followers read content directly on your page, you can engage them with other offers through popups.

You may also be able to offer enticing specials that require giving you their email address. Once you have their email address you have the opportunity to send individualized marketing offers.

Types Of Content To Post To Your Restaurant Blog

One of the most difficult things to do when you start posting to your restaurant’s blog is to find ideas for content. The following content examples will help you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Restaurant

The odds are that you and your staff get a lot of the same questions from guests. You can compile these questions into an FAQ, giving your customers an easy place to find answers. You can give answers about:

  • The parking situation and valet services
  • Your wine selection and featured bottles
  • If you have high-chairs available
  • Outdoor seating availability and reservations
  • What your maximum party size is and how gratuity is applied
  • If you have a smoking area
  • Dietary restriction and allergen concerns such as vegetarian and gluten free options

Talk to your staff and get a list of all the questions people ask frequently when they call in or when being seated.

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Not So Frequently Asked Questions About Your Restaurant

When you come across an interesting question from a guest, it might make a great feature story.

Everyone loves to learn about odd and interesting things and this can inspire a blog post.

History questions:

  • What’s the history of the building?
  • How did you acquire that giant moose head in the lobby?
  • How was your signature dish developed?

Practical Questions:

  • What’s the best way to get the meat out of a lobster?
  • Are all red wines basically the same?
  • Am I supposed to eat the garnish?

Consider these amusing answers as an opportunity to teach your readers something they might not know about your restaurant.

Tell A Story About Menu Items Offered At Your Restaurant

There are lots of ways to use featured and temporary menu items as a way to tell an interesting story to generate interest in your restaurant.

Create special menu items inspired by great stories, especially if it’s something of local interest.

Odd or interesting menu items attached to a good story can generate a lot of interest for your restaurant.

Blog About the Inspiration Behind Your Menu

Write about your patrons' favorite regular menu items and what inspired their creation. What goes into making this dish unique?

Consider creating a recipe for people to follow and make their own version at home. People love recipes, especially when they’re provided by food experts.

Don’t worry about losing business with this tactic. After all, people dine out so they don’t have to cook.

Blog Restaurant Tips and Kitchen Secrets

Remember, blogging that gets people provides useful or interesting information. People love to read about how to do things the expert way.

Providing useful information online is how you generate shares, likes and traffic. So, share your passion for cooking with your followers.

Home chefs still go out to eat. Foodies love to dine out and to cook at home. By sharing recipes and kitchen tips you can bond with your followers.

Here are some ideas:

  • How to plate like a pro
  • Debone a chicken the right way
  • How to get perfect julienne carrots
  • Set the right mood for a relaxing dinner

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​Blog Post Foodie Tips From a Restaurant Professional

If there’s something you know, it’s how to enjoy food. Think of some ways people can improve their food enjoyment experience.

Answer questions from a chef’s perspective:

  • Which wines go best with fish?
  • What are the culinary uses of different mushrooms?
  • Can kale actually taste good?
  • How do you know the right cheese to use for a recipe?

Sharing your passion and knowledge of food will build trust and remind people that when they go to your restaurant they’ll be treated to an experience by an expert.

Blog Post Restaurant Guest Profiles

Do your loyal customers have great things to say about your restaurant? Solicit an interview and write a story about a real person’s passion. This can make a strong impression on diners.

If your chosen personality has a flare for writing maybe you can even get them to write it themselves!

Blog Post Restaurant Staff Profiles

Your staff’s superstars probably have a great story about the restaurant that’s worth sharing. What are their interests? What’s their favorite part of working there?

Of course, be sure to include their favorite food items on the menu. When it’s time for employee meals, cooks often make special things “off menu” using ingredients in the restaurant. Consider offering their custom concoction as a secret menu item -- only known to those who read the story!

Maybe someone else out there likes peanut butter jalapeno french-fries, too? If nothing else, it’s a funny story, to get people talking.

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The ideas presented here should help jumpstart your creativity. Think about telling a good story and what you can do to attract the interest of your readers.

Share your passion for food and the restaurant business. You’ll gain a loyal following of blog readers and social media followers.

By creating viral traffic to your website and generating interest in your restaurant’s homepage you can increase your search engine ranking and building your brand!

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