7 Must Have Features In Your Bar POS

7 Must Have Features In Your Bar POS

Given the unique demands of running a bar, you need a POS system that has been designed to meet those requirements. Whether you are accessing the system as an owner, manager, or employee, your POS needs to offer the tools necessary to successfully handle your day to day operations. .

Here are the most important features to consider when choosing a bar POS.

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Bar Tabs

When operating a busy bar, speed and efficiency managing bar tabs will improve guest service and improve sales. To achieve this, you will need a POS system that can manage open bar tabs as well as preauthorization.

Preauthorization saves the customer’s card information when you open a tab, allowing you to add items and close the tab without any further interaction with the card. This feature saves your servers the time and effort from taking the customer’s card every time they order a drink.

With Rezku, you can easily open and manage bar tabs to save your employees time and increase your total sales.

Scheduled Pricing

In order to accommodate flexible prices offered throughout the day, you will need a system that can allow price changes to be made on the spot. Complex price scheduling can confuse servers and lead to slower customer service. Servers should not be expected to track the price of every item for bars with multiple happy hour periods every day.

To track price changes, look into a POS that can handle that information automatically. Rezku POS allows you to set unique pricing schemes during particular dates and times. The price transition occurs automatically, so servers are saved the hassle of adjusting prices manually.

Quality Customer Support

When something inevitably goes wrong, you need to know who to call to get help. Whether your internet is down or your printer is unresponsive, your POS provider needs to have the answers to get you back into service.

Rezku offers support to all customers with no additional fees, and we work most common hours to accommodate your late night schedule.

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Employee Management and Permissions

You will need a way to manage your employees. A POS that includes time cards and payroll will save you money and time otherwise spent on bookkeeping. The best POS software will allow you to automatically calculate pay periods of your employees and apply payment modifiers such as overtime hours.

Even if you fully trust your staff, you still stand to benefit from software that keeps them accountable. Theft is all too common in restaurants and bars, so you will need a system that can keep track of your staff.

Your POS should allow you to set individual user permissions so that only your trusted employees can perform particular tasks. For example, you may wish to restrict cash drawer control for managers only in order to avoid theft. Whatever your reasoning, you need a POS with flexible controls that will allow you to set up permissions for each of your employees.

Rezku offers fully customizable roles for employee permissions for any actions that could possibly cause problems down the line, and allows you to set individual user permissions as well. Rezku also includes reporting features that can be used to calculate staff hours and wages for payroll.

Accurate Inventory Management

As a bar owner, you need to consider how you will be tracking inventory. The benefit of tracking your inventory from the POS is that sales can decrement from your tracked inventory items in real time.

The best inventory management software will automatically alert you when you are getting low on products to remind you to restock. Inventory management can also be used to better calculate the cost of particular products and provide a better evaluation of your profit per sale. Rezku offers all of these features, and allows you to accurately track and manage your inventory and ingredients with ease.

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In-Depth Reporting Features

When owning a bar, you need a POS system to track as much information as possible. Additionally, information needs to be organized and easily accessible. Employee labor, server performance, and top selling products are all examples of what should be tracked by the POS.

Being able to break down and analyze reporting data will help you to decide what works and what does not work for your bar. Discover what elements you can improve to boost customer interest by evaluating reported data, and offer products that you know are in popular demand.

The reporting features of Rezku allow you to see order information in real time. Additionally, we offer over 70 unique reports and exports to ensure that you get the information you need.

Contracts and Pricing

Choosing the wrong POS can be a very expensive mistake. Depending on the POS system, you may be locked into lengthy contracts for hardware and software. Some POS systems might even include hidden fees for services such as customer support, so always read contracts thoroughly.

The best POS systems are subscription based, which allows you to use the software on your own schedule. With Rezku POS, you get access to the software without the hassle of long contracts and hidden fees.


When choosing a POS system for your bar, consider all of the features offered by the POS that can improve your business. You should choose a system that simplifies and streamlines your role as an owner, so choose features that you know will improve your workflow.

Bar tabs, happy hour pricing, customer support, employee management, inventory tracking, reporting features, and pricing are the most important features to consider when choosing a POS system for a bar.

Rezku offers all of these features for an affordable monthly price. Explore how the features of Rezku POS can help alleviate the stress of running a successful bar.

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