7 Proven Restaurant Sales Strategies

7 Proven Restaurant Sales Strategies

To keep your restaurant business thriving it’s not just about providing great service and awesome food. Sometimes you need to create a buzz. This guide will help you think creatively about ways to bring more diners to your restaurant.

These seven proven strategies to increase restaurant sales are presented in no particular order. They should help you brainstorm ideas for creating your own restaurant buzz by appealing to your local community.

1. Turn Slow Days into Parties to Increase Sales

By offering a lively atmosphere and a discounted menu, this proven restaurant sales strategy helps you draw in people! Think of it as an extended happy hour. During football season add some screens to watch the game.

Turn up the music and turn down the lights! If you have a bar in your restaurant, cheap drinks can really get the party started. Consider adding a menu with inexpensive snacks that’s different than your regular menu.

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2. Tempt People into Your Restaurant with Live Performances

There are lots of different live music formats for restaurants that want to maintain a relaxed dining experience. Invite a piano player to tickle the ivories. Add a jazz trio to the dining room to give your restaurant an air of swanky sophistication.

DJs, rock bands, and open mic nights can fetch a crowd. Mariachi, belly dancers and acoustic guitarists each create a different mood that can enhance your restaurant’s appeal with flare. Each of them will draw in customers.

3. Associate Your Restaurant with Charity and Community Events

During slow hours, offer part of your restaurant or an unused banquet area for charity and community events. Local groups will appreciate having a meeting area with the added benefit of food and drinks.

This strategy will bring new people into your building, spread good will, and remind people that you are part of the community. Odds are once they get a taste of your food they’ll come back for more.

4. Post on Social Media to Increase Restaurant Sales

Make sure to keep your loyal fans on Facebook and Instagram up to date on all your activities and specials. Changing your menu, running specials and promotions all give you great content to get likes and shares.

There are lots of detailed guides to online marketing as part of our free restaurant resources library so check em’ out!

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5. Make Sure You’re Listed Online

The Yellow Pages have been almost entirely displaced by online listings. Register on the major business listing sites and make sure your profile is accurate.

Check your address, phone number, and website -- yes, your website. You should have one of those, too.

Be sure to include all the important details like hours of operation, amenities, price range and cuisine. This will help ensure that the 80% of people who search for new restaurants before dining find what they need.

6. ​Join the Chamber of Commerce to Be the First to Know What’s Going on​

Become a pillar of the community. The more people you know, the more people in your local area will choose to dine at your restaurant. When you know what’s going on in your community you can contribute in meaningful ways and be part of what’s going on.

Tie your specials in with, and co-sponsor, local community events to stay at the forefront of people’s minds when making a dining choice. Networking with other business owners provides you with many great opportunities to cross promote and boost business.

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​7. Sponsor a Local Sports Team to Bring Fans into Your Restaurant​

Local youth sports teams always need help with equipment, uniforms and travel expenses. By investing in a youth sports team and cross promoting with your restaurant, you can generate new customers and build your relationship with the community.

These kinds of goodwill gestures will not go unnoticed by parents, teachers and players, provided your restaurant offers food and atmosphere that is enjoyable as well. Your restaurant can also double as the clubhouse for the boosters. And if you can get your logo on the uniforms, that’s even better!

These are just some of the ways you can appeal to new customers and generate excitement for your restaurant. The most effective restaurant sales strategies are to find ways to personally interact with more people. Put your restaurant in the limelight by making sure your online listings are accurate, making your restaurant a fun place to be and doing something special for your local community.

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