10 Tips on Organizing your Host Stand

10 Tips on Organizing your Host Stand

The host podium is one of the first things your guests see when they walk in. Keeping your restaurant host stand neat and tidy is important to make a good impression. So is having everything you need handy.

This guide will help you get more done and be more efficient at the host stand by managing your space well.

1. Keep Separate Compartments

Step one of staying organized is to keep like with like. You can do this by creating organized cubby holes for different objects that are kept at the host stand.

If you are designing a custom host stand for your restaurant, allow for plenty of organized storage space and separate compartments.

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2. Use A To-Do List

Prioritizing, scheduling, and taking notes is one of the most significant things to do to stay organized. To-do lists help you stay organized, set priorities and make sure you don’t forget something important.

Some may think it’s silly to have a to-do list but with everything you have on your mind it’s nice to have a simple tool to help you off-load some of the mental work. And all it takes is a pad of paper and a pen.

3. Keep A Seating Chart Handy

The restaurant seating chart is an important tool at the host stand. If you’re using paper and pen you’ll need to constantly update the markings to make sure they are accurate.

You’ll have your server assignments, reservations and seated tables all marked on your seating chart, which can get a bit messy.

Alternatively, you can use an easy to use iPad seating chart app like Rezku Reservations. Keep tabs on all your tables with a real-time updates and more.

4. Have The Dining Room In Your Line Of Sight

To keep track of everything a host is asked to do is demanding. Having an excellent view of the dining area is important. From here you can monitor the service guests are receiving, see which tables have been bussed and more effectively direct resources.

If you don’t have a clear view of the dining room use a table management app in the host stand that gives you a bird’s-eye-view. And that allows other waitstaff and bussers to update table statuses from their smartphones.

5. Organize For Flexibility

Making changes to your seating chart, updating wait times and moving guests around should be easy. With paper and pen this can be a challenge, however. Using a host stand management app will keep your service flexible.

Move guests, combine tables and reassign reservations in a couple taps. All while staying neat and clean. No scribbles and handwritten notes.

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6. Plan For The Unexpected

Keep anything at the host stand that you think will help with service when things take a turn. Acting quickly to resolve a situation can make all the difference.

  • Extra menus
  • Candy or coloring books for kids
  • A map of the local area
  • Vouchers and discounts

These are just some of the resources you can keep at the host stand to prepare for guests’ additional needs.

7. Easy To Maneuver Host Stand

Design your host stand so that it’s easy to maneuver in and out. When things are moving quickly in the restaurant you don’t want it to get crowded or become difficult to get out from behind.

Consider putting your host stand on casters so that its position can be adjusted as necessary.

8. Make Sure It Looks Clean From The Outside

Visually the host stand should appear organized and tidy. If guests have scuffed up the front of the host stand with their shoes be sure to address it. Remove dirt, grime and scuff marks that have built up. Or repaint if necessary.

Keep the majority of items left in the host stand off the top and inside their designated storage compartments. This will give the host stand a more organized appearance.

9. Keep Cables Tidy

If you have cables for equipment at the host stand keep them neat and tidy. Use velcro strips to manage cabling. Keep power strips and outlets under the host stand to minimize clutter.

Consider using a wireless host stand management solution based on iPad to give the host stand a clean and modern look.

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10. Reorganize Before Service

Clean and organize the host stand before every service. It’s inevitable that after a long and active service that things will become disorganized. Supplies will also be depleted.

Take time before service to get your host stand organized. This way when service starts you know that you have all the resources and tools you need for a great restaurant service.


Taking time to organize the host stand will make a big difference in service. Having everything in an organized place will help ensure that you have what you’re looking for. Keep a to-do list at the host stand to help make sure you don’t forget anything important.

Keep your seating chart handy as it will be updated constantly. A more modern solution is an iPad based table management app. Keeping the dining room in your sight will help you provide the best service to guests.

Plan ahead to flexibly adapt to changes in service. Expect that there will be situations that will require quick thinking. Gather resources ahead of time at the host stand.

Design your host stand to make it easy to enter and exit safely in a rush. Keep the host stand tidy and organized to leave a good impression on guests. Reorganize and re-equip the host stand ahead of service every night.

This guide to 10 tips to stay organized at the host stand is part of the free resource library provided by Rezku. To learn more about Rezku’s front of house management solutions mentioned in this guide contact us for a free personalized consultation. Start your free trial and see for yourself how Rezku is helping restaurants do more.

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