The Rezku Difference

The Rezku Difference

Rezku is a different kind of software development company. It’s a different kind of restaurant company. Rezku’s founder Paul Katsch is an accomplished restaurateur and Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur.

In 2012 Rezku was established with a clear mission: provide restaurant and bar owners with innovative high-technology systems that solve real world problems affordably, and with great customer service.

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It Just Works

We found that too many restaurant management systems just didn’t really work.

Either they’re unreliable in performing their core functions or the way they’re designed seems like it’s for geeks and nerds, not for restaurants.

We believe that good design makes sense when you use it. Training time takes minutes and you just sort of “get it”.

It requires a lot of work to design a system that is powerful, reliable and easy to use. But that’s our mission and we enjoy the challenge.

Since good design speaks for itself, we provide 14-day free trials for all of our iPad based restaurant management solutions. Try for yourself and see why Rezku’s customers choose us:

  • Rezku POS
  • Rezku Reservations
  • Rezku Waitlist

Even though it takes more time and effort to do things right, the Rezku way is to get it right the first time.

And keep getting it right.

That’s our ongoing commitment to providing quality and value, as a partner with restaurant owners.

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It Makes Sense

Rezku isn’t a software company making products for restaurants. We’re a restaurant company designing restaurant software.

At every level of our organization it’s about restaurants. Our founder knows restaurants, our product specialist team understands what restaurants need and our support team leverages their restaurant experience to provide you with strategic solutions to accomplish what you need to get done.

Bars and restaurants are the core of our strength. The technology works to solve your problems, not the other way around.

We understand the crucible of a busy service and appreciate the “little” things, that are actually a big deal:

  • Clear, well organized touch screen layouts you can read in a rush
  • The minimum amount of steps to get things done
  • Workflow control settings to eliminate mistakes
  • Reliable industry-standard hardware that’s virtually “plug and play”
  • Straightforward value-pricing without hidden fees
  • Clear unambiguous answers to the questions that matter to you
  • No obligation 14-day free trials with set up and training, so you know Rezku is the right solution for you

It just makes sense.

The A-Team On Your Side

Our passionate team is hand-picked by our founder Paul Katsch along an exacting criteria. Team members must excel in restaurant management experience, technical wizardry and a profound dedication to excellent service.

Based in Sacramento, California, “The city of trees,” a stone's throw from Silicon Valley, each of our team members works together at the Rezku campus. We share a culture of service excellence, to ensure delivery of the highest standards to our restaurant partners.

This high level of accountability and knowledge-sharing between departments means our customers receive white-glove treatment at every level and an unprecedented amount of care.

We pride ourselves in getting to know each of our customers and their unique business needs. We design custom solutions for each one of our restaurant partners right from the beginning.

“Only the best” is the Rezku way.

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The Way It Should Be

Rezku is the solution to the longstanding questions many restaurant owners have asked themselves dealing with other restaurant management systems:

  • “Why doesn’t this work?”
  • “Why am I paying so much?”
  • “Why can’t anyone help me?”

Rezku’s systems work.
Our services are affordable.
We’ll always get you the help you need.

When a restaurant systems company values your business you get assistance, advice and service with pleasure. From our founder, programmers, designers, and sales to front-line support agents, we are committed to the success of our restaurant partners. It is the goal that drives us.

That’s the Rezku difference.

Receive a free restaurant management technology consultation and try our services for free. See the difference for yourself.

Rezku’s restaurant management systems include point of sale with tableside ordering and payments, host stand table management and reservations, gift-card and loyalty card solutions, waitlist, online reservations, mobile restaurant reporting and more. Find additional information about Rezku on our home page.

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