Rezku Updates Product Logos to Strengthen
Brand Awareness

Restaurant management services offered by California technology company Rezku have recently received updates to their logos. Brand coordinator Sophia Salaber discusses the importance of clarified branding to strengthen their position as a market leader.

SACRAMENTO, CA, JULY 11th 2018 - Don't hit the back button! You're not just seeing things. All of the product pages for Rezku moved today. "It might come as a shock to our long-time customers but it's a better design and a better website structure." Said Paul Catch, founder, and CEO of Guest Innovations.

Guest Innovations is the company behind the Rezku brand of hospitality management solutions. Founded in 2012 by Katsch, to revolutionize the way restaurants use technology for business. There are four core tablet-based apps offered by Rezku, using a SaaS subscription model.

According to Katsch, each product page is now part of the main site, This is intended to reinforce an overall move toward stronger branding and increased customer awareness. This initiative is in conjunction with recent updates to logos and branding for each of the core products offered.

Rezku is known in the industry for being highly focused on user-friendly design and execution. "It's all about our customers' experience. We think about it at every step. Everything should always be as simple as possible." That's why Katsch is excited about the updates to the website. "It's much easier to navigate now, and easier to find on Google."

The purpose of Rezku's various apps is to help restaurants accomplish specific goals, such as implementing a loyalty card program or taking online reservations. Katsch believes the new site structure will help make that clear. "We're not just this service you love or that one. We have a lot of ways to help you and we're ready to do it."

Rezku Logo Progress

Now, any food and beverage business owners looking for answers are greeted with a distinct yet easy to follow page about all of Rezku's apps and services. "It makes a lot of sense this way. You go to, you find what you're interested in."

Previously, there were separate domains for each of the featured apps offered by Rezku. The familiar domain addresses will continue to work, but are automatically re-directed to new site pages inside

The domains used for Rezku's product pages were:,,, and They all now redirect to Katsch emphasizes, "With zero loss of service to existing clients."

About Rezku

Rezku is the brand name of food and beverage business management technology and services developed by Guest Innovations. Rezku features for core products, Prime, reservations and front of house management system; Reservations, an iPad-based reservation and table management app; Waitlist for restaurant waiting list management and guest paging; POS, an innovative point of sale developed for restaurants and bars.

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