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Restaurant management services offered by California technology company Rezku have recently received updates to their logos. Brand coordinator Sophia Salaber discusses the importance of clarified branding to strengthen their position as a market leader.

If your favorite restaurant management apps are looking a little different today, there's a good reason. Rezku has announced updated branding for their restaurant management apps.

Since 2012 Rezku has produced well-received web-based and iPad-based apps for the restaurant industry, using a SaaS business to business model. Services include online reservations, credit card processing, point-of-sale and front of house management.

To assist customers when searching the App Store, some products have been renamed for clarity. "This update is really exciting," said Brand Coordinator Sophia Salaber. "We believe consistent branding across our products will help new customers more easily discover us in the app store."

Rezku Tablet is now known as Rezku Reservations. "We made this change because we have multiple tablet apps now. The new name says exactly what it does for our clients." Reservations is an iPad-based reservation and table management tool that combines a bird's eye view of the dining room with a reservation book. Helping managers plan in advance and run service.

Waitku is designed much like Reservations but for restaurants that don't book in advance. Waitku and it's companion kiosk app have been renamed Rezku Waitlist and Rezku Waitlist Kiosk, respectively. "This was an important change. We want to make sure everyone knows it is a Rezku service, 100%."

Along with the name changes, each of the product families Rezku offers have received a facelift.

The Rezku team focuses a lot of effort on providing an exceptional customer experience, Salaber believes that's a key strength to their brand's success. "So, the Rezku part of the logo is featured more prominently in these new designs. They see our Rezku logo, they see our Rezku name and they know the kind of high-level service to expect."

But it's not just about informing new customers. "For our existing customers too -- We think they'll benefit by knowing we're not just reservations, not just POS or whichever service they're currently signed up for. We can do a lot more for them than they may realize."

The new logos will be rolled out over the next quarter as existing web pages, documentation and listings are updated to reflect the change.

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Rezku is the brand name of restaurant and hospitality industry B2B services provided by Guest Innovations. Founded in 2012 by CEO Paul Katsch, Rezku's mission is to fulfill the technology and business management needs of restaurants big and small.

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