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Beer Board Integrates with Rezku

Managing over one billion dollars in retail draft beer sales and 45,000 products through industry-leading data insights and working with the largest retailers and brewers in the industry. BeerBoard is trusted to help them sell more beer and make more money.

The patented BeerBoard platform captures and analyzes real-time data related to bar performance and sales, integrating with your Rezku system to provide valuable reports. BeerBoard’s SmartBar streamlines operations and increases profits using a single-dashboard app that is designed for efficiency. To give you the insights to drive decision making and increase revenue.

BeerBoardTV is a valuable marketing space at the point of purchase that can increase sales 10% and grow promoted beer sales by as much as 90%. Automate inventory and ordering with SmartBar. Generate orders based on actual usage. Receive in POs automatically. Track inventory on hand with real-time reports. No more weighing kegs!

Automate and save money with BeerBoard and Rezku!