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BeerSaver Integrates with Rezku

US BeerSAVER is the number one flow metering system for draft beer and wine in the hospitality industry. Monitor and track unaccounted pours, over-pours, and waste by tracking every ounce! A total solution for bars and restaurants. The average draft beer loss is 23%. US BeerSAVER brings it down to 1% for most customers.

BeerSAVER variance reporting ties into Rezku to provide you with accurate differences between what was poured and what was sold. Know your current inventory levels, track and manage efficiently using real-time information.

You can even set up alerts and notifications to receive email updates when kegs are running low or unaccounted for pours are encountered. The BeerSAVER solution is cloud-based and connects to sensors in your keg room so you always know the flow of every drop!

Get incredible accountability for draft beer and wine with BeerSAVER and Rezku!