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Bevchek Integrates with Rezku

The global leader in draft beverage technology solutions. Monitoring 5.7 billion pints of beer in 35 countries since 2006. BevCheck was the first company to introduce a real-time draft beer monitoring system that is internet-connected.

Bevcheck provides clients with the technology to gain accurate reliable information about their draft beer systems. Including real-time monitoring of flow rates, sales, temperatures and inventory levels.

Bevmenu is a web-based live menu board for your guests that is fed inventory and volume data from your Bevcheck monitoring system. Advertise and promote beers, rotate taps, notify guests of drink specials, save money and staff hours from reprinting physical menus every time the taps change.

Tempcheck ensures optimum temperatures in your coolers at all times. With thoroughly tested sensors to provide accurate readings even a tenth of a degree below optimal operating conditions. With 24-hour draft operations support Bevcheck is the premiere global solution for real-time draft beverage monitoring. Integrating with your Rezku system, you get more data, up to the moment. When it counts most.

Increase your beverage systems monitoring and insight with Bevcheck and Rezku!