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Uber Eats Integrates with Rezku

The fasted way to get food to your customers! Uber Eats features your food in the app so new customers can discover it and loyal customers are reminded to order more often. Increase sales, lower marketing costs and capitalize on the demand for Uber Eats deliveries!

Uber Eats gets your customers their food faster. With hundreds of delivery partners driving in your city deliveries take only an average of 15 minutes. Maintaining the best food quality and freshness possible. Uber Eats provides professional guidance, setting you up, promoting your menu and working with you to improve logistics and delivery times.

Orders start in the Uber Eats app and are sent directly to Rezku without the need for a secondary iPad. The kitchen gets the tickets automatically and you can track every step from pickup to the customer’s door. integration is facilitated with Chowly.

Start driving your takeout business farther with Uber Eats and Rezku!