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Cafe POS

Superior POS Performance for Cafes

Take orders efficiently, attract customers and keep costs under control with the most complete Cafe POS system available. Rezku includes all the functionality Cafes need in one seamlessly integrated package.

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Cafe POS

Simple, fast Cafe POS That Goes the Extra Mile

Manage your dine-in orders quickly by table or number.

Split checks in seconds by items or dollar amount.

Ready for all your orders, on-site, call-in, pickup and catering.

The easiest POS system to learn and use. Train staff in as little as 10 minutes!

Handle more customers with limited staff with streamlined operations.

Speed through checkout with customer facing displays and tap-to-pay terminals.

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Complete Cafe POS That Gives You More

Successful cafes use Rezku to simplify their business while expanding what they offer customers. Rezku’s Cafe POS comes complete with employee time cards, loyalty rewards and marketing tools, gift cards and online ordering. And it all works together seamlessly, right out of the box, saving you time and effort.

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Streamline your Cafe Business Management Strategy

With Rezku’s Cafe POS you can accomplish more with less effort. All your cafe sales data is stored automatically in the cloud, ready for you to download the reports you need at any time. Live dashboards show you exactly how your business is doing and help you track labor costs, food costs and more in real time. With Rezku’s dedicated manager’s smartphone app, you have instant access to all Back Office functionality including employee time management, menu changes and reporting data – all available in the palm of your hand.

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You Are Never Alone

Level 3 live support always available to you without any fees or limitations.

Connect by phone, chat, email and receive a rapid response.

Get your problems solved immediately without a gatekeeper or scheduling.

Unlimited remote menu building, training and product setup assistance.

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