Diner POS

Unstoppable speed

If you've been waiting to upgrade your point of sale because you're not "techie", you'll be relieved to know that Rezku is incredibly easy to use.

Diner POS System
Diner POS System

The Rezku Diner POS System

  • Budget friendly
  • Get started immediately
  • Limited Special Pricing and Financing Available
Diner stationary system

Designed for Table Service

Modern technology for classic diners

The local diner is all about fast favorites and friendly faces. Rezku POS helps your diner deliver a higher level of service with modern functionality.

  • Floor plan layouts to keep track of orders by table
  • Fast intuitive check splitting by dollar or seat number
  • Full color menus with item descriptions and photos
  • Tableside POS tablets wirelessly send orders to the kitchen
Accommodate your guests Firework 1 Firework 2

Order what your guests request

People love to customize their order at the diner. With Rezku POS modifiers are powerful, organized and efficient. Streamlining order taking and reducing errors in the kitchen.

  • Forced and unforced, minimum and maximum modifiers
  • Modifier quantities for “extra” and “double”
  • Branching sub-modifiers for more customization
  • Conversational ordering and notes to the kitchen
Access Permissions and Accountability Firework 3 Firework 4

Access Permissions and Accountability

Every manager is challenged to limit profit-eating actions of employees. Like refunds, discounting, voids and over-portioning. Rezku POS gives you the tools to catch these issues before they get out of hand.

  • Inventory tracking and variance reporting, down to the ingredient
  • Permission and access controls to block unauthorized activity
  • Void, canceled, refund, discounts, drawer variance all recorded
  • Daily business summary email with suspicious activity reports

The clear choice that checks all the boxes.

With Rezku POS you get it all.

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