Steakhouse Point of Sale

Full Service

With advanced technology remote management tools are in the palm of your hand.

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Steakhouse Point of Sale

Building your vision

Rezku POS is designed for restaurants. You’ll find everything you expect in a world class point of sale for steakhouses.

  • Custom floor plans for table management show orders on tables
  • Split tickets by seat, custom split, easy split and itemized splits
  • Merge orders into one if started on separate checks for a single payment
  • Use bar tabs to pre-authorize payments while guests wait
  • Gratuities for large parties and party size reporting

The Rezku Steakhouse POS System

  • Budget friendly
  • Get started immediately
  • Limited Special Pricing and Financing Available
Steakhouse Point of Sale

Everything You Need for Great Service

Rezku POS is designed for full service steakhouses. From server tables to coursing to splitting checks with ease. And much more.

  • Custom floor plans for order management by table
  • Split payment by seat, by dollar, or spin-off to a new order
  • Cover count and automatic gratuity based on party size
  • Send by customized courses and when to "fire"
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Advanced Tableside Ordering and Payments

Serve tableside with mobile tablets. Rugged, mobile, with full POS capabilities and EMV contactless payments. And now guests can order and pay for dine-in directly from their phone.

  • Rugged iPad case with backup battery for restaurants
  • 100% EMV and PCI compliant chip and contactless payment
  • Wirelessly send orders to the kitchen to keep servers in their section
  • Smartphone ordering and payments for dine in customers

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