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How to Choose the Best Donut Shop POS

We know that choosing a new point of sale for your coffee and donut shop is a major business decision. What you choose to use for a cash register today is going to effect your donut shop business for years to come. Download this guide today and save yourself time. Get this free guide to the best POS systems and quickly get a handle on what's most important in choosing a new point of sale for your coffee shop.

That's why we've composed this guide to help make it easy to navigate the many options you have when it comes to choosing the best POS. With this guide, you can learn from our experience in the foodservice industry. You'll learn what features matter most in a POS for coffee donut shops. We'll also cover in detail the new technology and features that have been introduced recently that really make a modern point of sale more than just another payment terminal.

This guide also discusses pricing and service-level expectations to be aware of when making a good choice of what tablet-based point of sale system is the best for doughnut shops. To stay competitive in a challenging market, you need to pick a modern point of sale system that offers owners of small cafes more than just payment capabilities. You need to pick a POS vendor that also has your back, offering customer service and technical support that truly understands the needs of independent doughnut shop owners.

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Rezku POS for Full-service restaurants

The best POS for donut shops will also help you manage more of your business too. Providing additional features and tools to help you do more than just take credit card payments. The best iPad point of sale apps is fully-featured restaurant management apps.

The best POS systems for doughnut shops include integrated employee management features like time clocks and labor management, to help you keep one of your most significant costs down. And data exports to financial tracking software like Quickbooks and Excel that help you manage your books and make sure you're compliant with tax laws.

Unlike an electronic cash register or a legacy point of sale terminal, modern point of sale systems are not tied to the location and don't require everything to be done on-site. The best tablet-based POS apps are cloud-based which allows you to manage your business remotely and automatically backs up your data securely. This reduces the expense of having an on-site server and paying for additional storage, backup, and maintenance fees. No data storage on-site also reduces your scope of liability for PCI DSS compliance.

There is much more to learn about choosing the best coffee & donut point of sale system and you'll have it all at your fingertips when you download this free guide today

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