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Full Service Point of Sale

The Most Dynamic, Feature-Rich Platform for Full Service

Full Service Point of Sale

Master every sales channel. Capture more regulars. Optimize kitchen productivity. Reduce staffing costs. Rezku is the only full service POS system that revolutionizes operations from end-to-end to put your brand on par with the biggest national chains.

Full Service Point of Sale
chris caserta
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Our busy restaurant runs smoother because of Rezku.

We noticed an improvement right away because there is so much added value in the Rezku app. All of their employees care deeply about your success, and operate with a high level of integrity and competency which can be hard to find in today's quotation mark

Chris Caserta

Owner, The Hungry Diner

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Reduce FOH staff overhead by 25% overnight

The easiest full service POS for servers to use. New servers learn the basics in about 10 minutes.

Speed through table orders with mobile POS tablets with tap-to-pay and Apple Pay.

Split complex large party checks automatically by seat, quick-split by dollar or item in seconds.

Servers cherish the ability to find and close tickets almost instantly with Rezku, even on the busiest nights.

Save hours every service and increase tip averages by 30% with mobile customer tip entry.

Instantaneously send orders to the kitchen wirelessly, keeping servers on the floor serving guests.

Improve table service efficiency with custom floor plans and live table status indicators.

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Master Every Available Sales Channel

Rezku is the only premium full service POS equipped for table service, phone, online and delivery orders out of the box.

Capitalize on off premises dining and increase order volume by up to 40%.

Eliminate the headache of extra 3rd party tablets – Rezku is your central hub for all orders.

Change your menu once and push to all online platforms in a single click.

Recover profits lost to exorbitant commissions with branded 1st party online ordering included.

Deliver in-house with included driver dispatch or assign deliveries to gig drivers via DoorDash Drive integration.

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Exclusive Restaurant Ordering App That Maximizes Your Competitive Advantage

Set your brand apart from the competition and capture repeat orders like nothing else can.

Your colors, your logo, your photos – Your App.

Build loyalty with integrated perks to get them coming back again and again.

Instantly notify customers of specials and promotions to drive new orders.

Imagine your icon on your customer’s home-screen – and a 3X increase in orders per-customer.

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chris thomas

"Every restaurant should have Rezku!"

Chris Thomas

Co-Owner Monterey Coastal Cuisine

Take Unprecedented Command of Your Kitchen Brigade

Take your kitchen to the next level of productivity with Rezku’s full service POS kitchen touchscreens.

Notify pickup customers with order-ready texting directly from the Smart KDS app.

Control inventory levels and 86 on the fly, so you never make an order you can’t fulfill.

View each KDS station’s status, set priorities and track order completion at the expo control center.

Achieve next-level production flows with intelligent KDS-to-KDS and KDS-to-Printer communication.

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Stay in Complete Control from Anywhere

Rezku's full service POS delivers the most comprehensive manager's app available.

Dive into detailed performance data for single or multiple locations.

Get eyes on everything from the big picture to the smallest details.

Modify your menu, control permissions, run reports, all from the palm of your hand.

Do everything from anywhere.

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teddy wilson

"Ease of use and customer support is superior!"

Teddy Wilson

CFO, Trinidad Smokehouse

You are never alone

Level 3 live support always available to you without any fees or limitations.

Connect by phone, chat, email and receive a rapid response.

Get your problems solved immediately without a gatekeeper or scheduling.

Unlimited remote menu building, training and product setup assistance.

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mano rapi

"Absolutely wonderful!"

John Weeks

Owner, Sip & Savor

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