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Compeat Integrates with Rezku

Accounting, inventory, labor, scheduling and more. Gain enhanced data and tracking with Compeat’s suite of tools for restaurant and bar operations management.


Managing theoretical verses actual labor costs? You can combine the labor and scheduling modules for enhanced analysis. With the labor, accounting and inventory modules you can easily find and manage your prime costs.

Manager's Logs

A full workbook for everything a manager needs. Singular or reoccurring checklists, tasks, messages, and staff notes. Record daily sales, labor, guest count, feedback, maintenance and repairs and more.


Reduce labor costs and schedule 75% faster with built-in compliance. Employee access to the free mobile scheduling app and online portal.


Insights into cost control with daily reporting integration. Organize your general ledger more than ever! Everything from G/L, A/P. P&L the list goes on!


Get better control of costs by comparing theoretical versus actual usage and cost variances. Tackle menu engineering analysis with insight. Even suggests when to reorder so you can get the best price!