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"Simplicity is the essence of happiness."

Cedric Bledsoe

Rezku keeps life simple. So you can focus on the important things.

  • Simplify your accountingRezku helps accountants and bookkeepers save time with reports and exports. QuickBooks integration makes bookkeeping a snap.
  • Simplify your trainingRezku takes care of all training. For you and your clients. So you don’t have to worry.
  • Simplify your commissionsWith an easy to understand commission structure, you know you’ll always get paid on time.
  • Simplify your marketingRezku provides a variety of professional marketing resources customized for you.

The Rezku Advisor Program

Submit client referrals. Make a commission.
Stay in the loop while we handle all client onboarding and training.

Refer your clients

Refer your clients

Make more money

Make more money

Grow your consultancy

Grow your consultancy

You and your clients benefit

  • Dedicated PortalEasy online access from anywhere to partner-specific guides, forms and the latest news
  • Marketing ToolsPromote your value-add services, download read-made marketing resources, guides and brand assets.
  • Full TrainingLearn all about Rezku’s solutions for your clients and what hospitality business owners want to know.
  • Make CommissionEarn money every time your referral clients turn into customers. Commission is paid quick!

Why your clients will love Rezku

  • “Outstanding, impressive & easy to use”

    - Jennifer K. Customer 5 star POS Review

  • “The best POS I’ve ever used”

    - Jess M. Customer 5 star POS Review

  • “Customer support is first rate”

    - Scott W. Customer 5 star POS Review

  • “The point of sale done right”

    - Paul C. Customer 5 star POS Review

  • “Great product”

    - Robert W. Customer 5 star POS Review

  • “I can tell they really care”

    - Luigi D. Customer 5 star POS Review

  • “Absolutely wonderful”

    - Shannon S. Customer 5 star POS Review

  • “Rezku system is great”

    - Kitty L. Customer 5 star POS Review

  • “I love how customer support is always there for me”

    - Tommy C. Customer 5 star POS Review

How to become a Rezku Advisor

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Start training

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Refer clients

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Earn commissions

Frequently asked questions

Who Can Become A Rezku Advisor?

Anyone who’s a fan of Rezku can become an advisor! Current Rezku customers, consultants, accountants, bookkeepers. Anyone who wants to help restaurants and bars earn more and simplify their workflow.

Is Becoming a Rezku Advisor a Big Commitment?

Becoming a Rezku Advisor takes very little time. Accessing the resource portal is easy. Training takes about an hour. Referring clients is fast!

How do I know my clients will be cared for?

We know how important it is that your referral clients are cared for. Rezku takes great consideration to ensure all clients are given the utmost service. We help with all setup, training, and integrations, every step of the way.

Will I have access to my client’s Rezku account?

We only provide access to the account owner, so it’s up to your client. They can easily add you to the account at any time, if they choose to.

Should I become an Advisor or a Reseller?

The Rezku Advisor program is low-commitment. It’s designed for fans of Rezku to spread the word and help their clients get a great solution for their business.

A Rezku Reseller is higher-commitment. For those who build their business around providing hands-on service and support for their clients on site. Resellers can build a healthy business by installing Rezku systems for clients.

What Integrations does Rezku support?

Rezku supports integrations from a wide variety of 3rd parties. From QuickBooks accounting to 7shifts schedule planning, to ADP payroll, bar inventory management and much more. As part of your Rezku training, you’ll learn about all of Rezku’s powerful integrations.

Are you ready?

We understand if you still have questions. Apply today and a Rezku representative will contact you with all the details.

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